SOLD WTS: Yamaha THR30II Wireless Guitar Amplifier (Latest version)

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This little marvel needs no introduction.
One of the best-sounding home/bedroom amplifier.


I've always had a love affair with the Yamaha THR series.
The latest and long-awaited THRII version brings about some serious tonal upgrades and new functions.

Tonally, the THR series have always sounded amazing.
Because it's a collaboration between the audio Hi-fi teams and guitar teams at Yamaha. Best of both worlds.

The biggest upgrade is that the THRII combines all the tone options of the original "boutique", "classic" and "metal" THR amps.
All of which were sold separately in the past. Now, you get everything in one stunning package with the THRII.

Also, the THR30 sounds best because it has a bigger set of speakers compared to its smaller brothers.
It fills the room and has an unbelievable 3D, tube-like tone and response.
It's so good that it's an insult to call it a practise amp.

Everything from BB King's edge of breakup and SRV's saturated tube-screamer tones.
Heavy Black Sabbath riffs to vintage mid-scooped Metallica tones – the THRII does it all.
And it does it very, very, very well.

Best of all, the THRII had wireless built in!
That means you can just use the Line Relay G10 plugged straight in.
It works amazingly well because Yamaha now owns Line 6, and everything is integrated.

Speaking of integration, the app itself is a revelation.
You can control and shape your tone easily, quickly and intuitively like never before.
I especially love the cabinet simulators, everything from 4x10 Marshalls to Mesa Boogies at your fingertips.

The only reason I'm selling is because I need to free up funds for another big purchase.
This bad boy is bought directly from Yamaha in Plaza Singapura, brand new condition, with box and papers.

My loss is your lifelong gain.
Get it now before it's gone for good!

• Amazing tube-like tones and response
• Wireless ready
• Brand new condition
• Box and papers
• Local set from Yamaha
• Retails for $699
Now yours for only 599
DM or text me at 9272503_TWO

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