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So hi there, name's Ashok but I mostly go by my blogger alias, Shu Serian. A little about myself, I'm, as of this post, 27 and a full-time student at PSB (If anyone here's a student at PSB, hi there!). I am what the Japanese call an otaku, with a love for anime, manga and all things geeky. I also have a love for music and am an aspiring vocalist, with some prior stage performing experience.

For my music influence, I get my influence from multiple sources but mainly, I get it from fripSide and ALTIMA and pretty much anything from Satoshi "Sat" Yaginuma, the almighty T.M.Revolution himself and girugamesh. As for genres, I mostly am into J-Pop, J-Rock, Synthpop, Electronic rock, Digital hardcore and Pop-rock. In short, I absolutely love high-paced, energetic music that involves a keyboard and synthesizer and Electronic-fusion music.

As for music aspirations, I have a simple but crazy goal: Meet guys with the same love, passion and taste in music as myself, form a band with them and, God forbid me for saying this, make it big as a gaijin band in Japan. Yeah it's a crazy and stupid goal but hey, life's too short. But if that goal doesn't happen, I'm down with simply jamming with guys with the same love and taste for music as I do.

Anyway, nice meeting all for you guys. Hope to have fun and get along with everyone here.

Re: Aspiring Vocalist Here.

Hey Ashok. Welcome to SOFT!

Hope you find your dream team soon.