Intro: Mel


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Hi all. I'm Melissa. 21.
I love to sing and my signature style is musicals. Love swing too.
I'm not a big belter like pop vocalists, which sucks. I can mostly croon.
I hardly know how to read music - which sucks again! Cos it makes it really difficult to arrange songs.
No instruments. And I don't write songs.
I can't really speak mandarin.

I wish I could find an outlet for my desire to perform.
It would be swell if an A-Cappella group or band needs a vocalist. I've never had a chance for those cos I've never found any friends who were interested. I only have a bunch of Choir pals who sing chamber music and it's kinda boring to me.

If any of you are into musicals, even better. I'd be pleased to do duets.

Yeah. Kinda wrong forum but I couldn't find a musical forum. :roll:
its never wrong my friend.. musical are cool too.. and u are at the right place!! this place is for all music lovers and i believe u are one too.. so welcome to soft!!! haha.. hope to see u arnd the forum and stuff.. meanwhile be blessed and stay cool!!.. :wink: