Intro : *j|nX*


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hey there...i'm liz from *jInX*..tats wat we r call..we r newly form all girl band...wanting n interested to play in gigs or comps..wanna gain experience n learn new things...

influences: the distillers
fenix tx
green day
originals...n so on ah...

we are a punk grp of girls...we hope to make more frens n get to know more musicians..currently we dun haf any demos..but we'll be doing soon...if gt any lobangs on gigs or inform us n we'll rock u guys outz! \m/
add me or inform me thru:
wohoo... all girl punk band.. interesting..
would've welcomed you here, but u've already have 40+ posts.. :roll:
aiyar... welcome to SOFT!!! :D
hope to see you guys perform one day...
I'm surprised at the lack of people telling this band to go straight to gig organisers to check for slots instead of posting on a forum for organisers to come to them.

only abt a mth old...we r of diff backgrd of music..4 of them r fun ah..trying to form all of us up...diff age grp n also diff experiences...
cool.. i really wonder how u gurls sound like.. so interesting.. hearing a all gurl band in s'pore.. cepat buat demo!! later can send to gig organizers.. and get urself into gigs and stuff.. =))
insyaallah...if luck is on our side..we sure will perform okie...for the demos...we'll come into it soon...we r concentrating on getting ourselves tight n more mampat...muahahaha.... :wink:
i see.. yeah.. band's bonding is much more important.. nanti kalau tk.. ade conflict here and there.. will be difficult.. all the best to your band!! =))
well... i have a band.. but i'm not in it.. i manage them.. well.. i'm doing a bad job at that.. but yeah..


how old are you gurls??
we r from diff range of age...the vox n 1st guitarist is 18 or 19 tis yr lah..the bassist n 2nd guitarist is 21 tis yr...n me 23 tis yr...wah u manage seh..tats gd...
to lalala

yea i do haf a band last also i do haf side bands...but my main priority is my all girl band band the struts last time disbanded already...tis all girl band juz form a mth ago...i play sidebands due to bcoz to improve myself n also i dun wan to lose my rock!!
i'm not really good at it though..

wow!! cool!!

so wad do you guys do besides playing the band??
still studying??
the vox n 1st guitarist studying...the 2nd guitarist apealling for sch..the bassist is werking office hrs...n me..juz finish my attachment...awaits for my grad ceremony n my diploma! hey y nt we tok in msn..easier rite..add me ah..