Intro : bassics


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hi guys im andrew. Cynical Annihilation's and Headlines bassist. I just tot of introing myself to the guys here that dont know me and the guys that know me from a long time ago but lost contact or the guys that know me but dont know that im on this forum. I think that im talkin to much Cock liao. haha.. Anyway been playing bass for about 7.5 years now. Erm, working at yamaha so if u guys need anything u know who to find. actually i dunno what else. if theres anything else u wanna know u can ask me. lol :D
are you a full-timer at Yamaha? There're a few guys there, so dun really know which one's u...heh heh...How to identify you ah? Will say hello when I'm there.
YOU KICK ASS! anyways, i was the guy in the black shirt with the soviet logo standing in front at joie de vivre
Cynical Annihilation! \m/ i was with bam that day. great set man, acid's a great frontman too. great bass playing by you too!