Hi guys! hope you guys can check this out!


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Hi guys! this is my first post here on Soft, I know this place is legendary to a lot of local Singaporean bands, and was wondering If you guys could help Me and my band out.

We are Dont Know Yet (yes that is our name) and we just released our first song "You Look So Cute (I Wanna Knock You Out)" on most major streaming platforms. I'm not sure if this is the correct subforum to post music and maybe if anyone could help me out to point me in the right direction, but if so hopefully you Soft users can help us out and listen to our song and give it a save and a share :) we're not doing this for money or anything, we just want to share our music with everyone who is as passionate as we are!

Thank you so much People of Soft! Hope yall have a good day :)