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Hi there! Greetings and salutations!

First off, I have nothing against Judas Priest. Nor do I have any interest in their urinal discharge. I'm just a dude into metal, guitars, CDs, DVDs and my lovable girl. I've been in a metal band since the middle part of my teens. Now I'm 30 and I'm in a dilemma. See, now I don't know whether I should act like the responsible adult that I should be, and look like the average Michael Buble fan and listen to Meshuggah secretly OR wear my influences on my sleeve and still pretend I'm 18 and still play in a band and still wear that Metallica Kill'em All Tshirt to work. I'm kind of hoping there's a grey area between these two things.

Anyway this forum rocks. Keep it active and fun boys and girls!
Yeah man give up metal n give me all ur cd/dvd/album collections, instruments, anything to do with metal/music (u can keep ur girl n ur clothes). U need to take the right path, n b a gd & responsible adult now :wink: The time has come. :lol: (Uncle James will prepare to enlighten you after reading this don't worry)
hey welcome bro....or can i kol u Abang(malay means big brother)....
anw don give up on things tat u love......and don hide listening to meshuggah......and btw......if u tink u wanna give up den u give those guys ur stuff....muahaha...coz i tink they realli need those things
Thank you for welcoming me!

Sorry to disappoint the masses, but as for now I'm still holding on to my metal possessions. However, if I decide to grow up and let go of my 'underground' leanings as my father would put it, I would gladly inform the general population of and hold a metal fiesta junkyard sale to sell off all my stuff (porn not included).
Such an encouraging bunch we have here at soft. Don't you just feel the love...

Anyhoos, welcome to soft!

\m/ 8) \m/
Scream_ed said:
Y'know, judas, it could be worse. You could wear a Britney Spears T-shirt to work. HAHAHA! :lol:


Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't own any Britney Spears tshirts.
But I do enjoy her music videos immensely.....