If There Is No More HeartRockSingapore

why? HeartRock is ok wah. Except kinda hard to say "HeartRock" without sounding like "HardRock". :lol:
i hope you all realised this thread was started in Sep 30, 2004.

anyway, ya, where is Mr HeartRockSingapore?
wah, like sixth sense, i was also just wondering where is anthony? and then i see this thread! 8O
calling Mr HeartRockSingapore! calling Mr HeartRockSingapore..
He been very busy, but he is still holding the almost weekly Y'East at Marine Cove Gigs, for almost the whole year already. I know cuz I supply equip. We have done about 30 gigs thus far.

Actually since mid Oct, the twice a monthly Saturdays gig have increased to weekly for the remaining workyear. Yeah, So there are still some slots up for the remaining gigs series. Theme still the same, musicians perform in public for free, and the public get free music. No harsh stuffs as it's a open public performace afterall. Any bands interested in the exposure n experience can also pm me, I will redirect you to mr heartrock himself.

Actually we tot of doing free jam sessions once or twice monthly, like between 5pm to 7pm free jam session, we supply everything including bass and electric guitars, just come a have a fun sharing session. Any feedback appreciated. Still not too late to do so this sat.

Also mr heartrock's PC had a bit of problem a couple of months back, problem with loggin in to his soft account.
So should my band contact you directly if we need to get a gig slot for the Marine Cove gigs???
Yeah, I am also a helper of the gigs. I will direct you to Mr Anthony himself, he will decide if your band can have the slot or not.

Just contact me via pm or email or sms if you have it. Treat me as another alternative sigining up point. Cheers.
Thanks for the love....

Thank you very much for having me in mind. As to my obvious absence here, initially and primarily i could not log in nor start a new account, not sure where the glitched was. after a while you get tired of trying.

Yes I am still very busy with the Marine Cove gigs, too busy in fact. As always, those who have learnt to live with my nonsencse knows HeartRock has surprises all the time. Hopefully this time there will be a good mix of good and not so good surprises for all.

Once again, thank you all and I have always been thinking of you guys too.

he is one of the few gig organisers that time and time again has sacrificed time and hardwork to help local bands out without asking for anything in return. i think many bands probably had their first gigs under HEARTROCK and its really great that Ant does this for the local scene.

yea..our very first gig was with him.

at a bus interchange. there's always a first time for everything.


Anthony Rules!
Luckily Grimbody's employer does not visit SOFT otherwise wondering what is he doing during working hours.... thanks buddy. and satch, you have promising bands, keep it up.