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  • Hi,

    I have a roland jc 120 that has been turned into a head & a 212 cab. The problem is, its fuse hungry. There is also a 'pop' sound whenever i turn it on or off, @ zero volume.

    @ 1st, i thought it was d big cap, but a friend of mine diagnose it to the transformer. He said its power & output tranny is squeezed in 1 unit. Is it true? If it is, could the power we just retrofit a power tranformer & leave the existing 1 2 handle output?

    Or, should i just bring over d head 2 u 4 checking?

    Goose! haha weird name. This ins the only way I found where I can contact you. Do you still do pedal modding? I have a vox wah that I want to mod and cant seem to find anyone who wants to do it. I have instructions to follow but just to scared to do it. haha.

    Can you perform the mod for me?? thank you very much!!
    Is it possible to also quote a price?

    Hey goose,

    I came back to SOFT after like a couple years, just for you~

    I have a Citrus and for awhile it has a unsteady input jack, gotta jiggle the cable sometimes to get it to full output. Now however, the problem seems constant, and when managed to be engaged, output was very low, no overdrive coming out of the pedals after. Alamak how?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Cheers, Bryne
    Hi Goose, I was referred by Nik of Ceriatone. Can you install the VBR on my amp? How do I contact you?

    Hi Goose, I was referred to you by fellow softies in my post regarding my busted Fender Twin Reverb amp - link to post. I was wondering if you can help me out to repair it. If possible, please give me a quote or estimate for the repair. PM me please, Thanks.
    Hi there, I got your contact from Nik at ceriatone where I purchased a matchless lightning clone from him. Just want to check if you're Ravi? In case if I got the wrong person! Thanks!

    Hi Goose! I'm Rudi, i've met you before n am a close friend of Joseph Cinco.

    I'm using a Gibson Les Paul faded double cut w/ P90's on e neck and a Dimarzio Super distortion bridge (P90 sized) n play 4 a post-hardcore band called A Vacant Affair.

    Am looking for a distortion tt would b mildly fuzzy n 'muscular' sounding, thick, clean-ish fuzz, clear on bass and not too 'fart-y', nt as saturated as a big muff. Had a badly made BYOC ultimate fuzz tt was close, but reacted very differently on diff amps n wasn't very reliable.

    In short, a pedal tt can pull of decently convincing metal riffs w/ a tinge of fuzz that has volume tt rolls off well enough to have a mild fuzzish clean (as opposed to a mild overdrive).

    References to bands guitar tones tt I appreciate are Far, Hum, Hundred Reasons and e current Mastodon

    Let me know if you have any recommendations in mind. U can email me at to further discuss this, i'd love to hear your opinion :)
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