I Teach Guitar, Ukulele and/or Bass for Beginners!


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Hey everyone,

If you are looking for a guitar tutor for a cheap price, you've come to the right place! I teach guitar, ukulele and bass for beginners or anyone willing to try a new instrument. I can teach anyone, children or adult, and will always try to keep my lessons easy and engaging. My rates go from 25 dollars for 45 minutes, though it can change depending on circumstances.

I've been playing guitar, bass and ukulele for 5-6 years, and as an intermediate player with a wide range of skills I am hoping to pass them down to future musicians. I can teach multitude of genres, such as rhythm guitar, lead guitar, finger picking, punk, rock, metal, blues, etc. Instead of focusing on reading music and following a textbook, I will teach you methods of learning through ear and memorisation, and being able to jam with a band.

If you are interested, please message or call 90025862. You can also email siwoo.kim2020@gmailcom.