I just saw a kid on a leash yesterday, I cannot believe it!


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What is the world coming to?? Putting a kid on a leash is wrong la. No matter how hyperactive a kid is, he/she is still human.
No Kidding?!!

And where did you see that kid? Why never give the parent a whack in the face!! That's abusing the kid.
Not many pple left la.. Was at tekka mall after jamming, about 10 plus. The food court closing already. But my whole band was giving them weird looks la.
sofyan said:
what was the kid's behavious like?

Not that I want to be mean, but like a curious puppy. Wanting to go to places but restricted by the leash. I'm not sure if it's a behavorial problem, or the result of being on a leash.
Ahh well yeah, being a busy body could kill too.
Did you guys manage to get any pics or something?

Really Cruel. But well, like what you said. What is the world coming to?

Are they gonna follow the song by Tears For Fears " Women in Chains" ?? 8O
cruelity in the world :evil: , too bad i haven seen one...
i guess its those company who created such stuffs to be blamed.
Kids are not meant to be leashed...
are they ang mohs? thought its common for them to do this? my fren told me its common to see kids on leash in UK..havnt see one before though.. :roll:
ouh, haha,
maybe its the child. too hyperactive maybe?
if the child is happy looking, then i think its ok.
It quite common to have kids on a body harness. Mostly used with more Causasian parents and not that popular in Singapore, since most people here have maids to 'jagar' the kid.

The harness allows them to move around without going too far without the parents knowing. And it isn't as inhumane as it sounds.

Once you've become a parent, you'll understand better.