How to make a name in the local music scene?


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Heya peeps

Just wondering what are the things (besides gigs) that a band needs to do to achieve the above mentioned? What I`m worried about is where lots n lots n LOTS of $$$$ is concerned... :(

Any tips?

Get as many radio air play, as many gigs and as much exposure from the media. Even if ur album dont sell alot, u still b known to the public locally.
And 1 thing, Be Nice To The Press.
Write great songs. Stay away from mediocre stuff or even stuff that is so-so. Ensure that each song is good - no it's OK stuff. I mean make sure each song is damned GOOD. Keep the so-so stuff for later when you've made it.

Do as few gigs as possible without over-flashing yourself. Choose your gigs wisely.

Don't give FREE songs over the NET - short samples are encouraged. Ensure that you are packaged well as per the songs and image that you have/want/need. That means dress, make-up (for the chicks), even an ultra sexy image for the chick(s) will be good. And guys, please no polo-collar t-shirts during gigs or interviews/photograph sessions - WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're a moron then be one in your own bedroom!

Be friendly to those that you meet. If you can't be friendly then say less, smile more (think of something funny).

Be original, don't say dumb things like, " we wanted to sound like ... . OR we love the of ... (and this band is well-known and is somewhere and still playing their music). That's only an invitation to NOT buy your music but instead is an introduction/invite to buy someone else's music - definitely not yours.

If you have to provide a 'hero' then provide them with the name(s) of people that don't play anymore or has/have a low profile. Of course make sure it comes from the heart. Originality sells. Patriotism to another artiste(s) is a sure-fire way to NOT MAKE IT - here or anywhere else.

Let's see more chicks dress up and makeup well, sex sells EVEN IF YOU THINK you are a good musician.

That's all for now.

I was once a label cheif in a major international record co. My job was to push our stable of artistes' new release to the mass media...ONE WORD OF ADVICE FOR YOU -SAKAR THE MEDIA BIG, BIG TYME!!!
If you're starting up, make sure your band is tight before playing any live shows or gig. You don't want to end up with criticism about how bad you all performed. ONLY perform when the whole band is ready. Bring guests to your practice jamming session to get a few pointers on how you could improve your sound and showmanship.

Learn from other professional musicians and bands about how they set up for a show and don't be ignorant thinking playing a gig means just turning up, plugging in your guitar, blasting your music for 30 mins and calling it a day.

You can always holler these bands up and ask them after a show. I doubt they will keep anything from you. IF they do, then they're not worth your time. Just move on and ask the others who will. Those bands who diss you off just because you're new or don't dress up like they do, probably just think they already have a "huge" fanbase and making millions out of it.

Learn how to market your band. Word of Mouth advertising is by far the best form of advertising there is. If you can get people to talk to other people to come for your shows or just about your band, that's the best. Bringing in your friends to watch your shows or practice can do wonders even if you don't have a big budget to go big. Word of Mouth is still FREE.

Imagine 10 friends who got another friend along to join you for your show. That's easily 20 people who are willing to see you perform. Remember to just keep on making new friends and guess what.. this forum has tonnes of people you can talk to every day. Talk about everything and anything.

Be nice to everyone. This includes organisers, other bands, sound crew, venue owners and even the kid who just doesn't seem to fit in the crowd. Gratitude can go a long way.
Money is always a problem for our bands here. Recording and demos can be quite make a big hole in your pocket.

Again I warn you. DO NOT record your songs professionally until you're damn sure you're tight and everyone in the band knows what the hell to play. Time is money, the more you spend correcting your mistakes, the more money you will spend.

Bands get money from a couple of things nowadays. Most sell their own merchandise to get funds and some would even organise their own shows.

If you're just starting out, I suggest starting a band fund where you can pool in a starting capital. Each member contributes a certain amount per month into the fund, but make sure the fund is handled by someone you trust (which is most probably yourself if you're reading this). And after a few months you will realise you'll have some money to invest in your own merch. Sell your merch to your fans to get more money then you originally started with. :)
Wear a red thong, only that and perform for your shows...

Guaranteed ppl will be talking about your band. They might not remember your band's music but they will be sure to be talking about your balls!

1) get on those reality TV singing competitions

2) sing damn well or damn badly (both ways get u publicity)

3) date a celebrity. take some photos while u have sex. send ur laptop for repair

4) burn and smash a monterey pop strat at a gig


remember, like what they taught me back in school 'no publicity is bad publicity'
on a more serious note,

analyse what the successful ones are doing, and draw parallels to see how you can apply it to yourself.

Remember to learn and understand the essence and reasoning behind the actions instead of blindly mimicking the same thing.

work hard and be passionate, and let people see and know it.
Man, I guess its all about the connection, the people whom you know. If you know people who knows some people who are BIG timer, you get a bigger chances of making it big. But put that aside, at least you guys will need to have skills to shows coz thats the most basic, or you can be extremely good looking or so, just look at those taiwanese boy and girl "band". nia...I sure there's alot of worthy people in S'pore that deserve more to making it big.
Errrmmm... do something ingenius. Play like shit and act like rockstars and the song lyrics should contain Hokkien vulgars. Blow up an amp or the drums set. Mic stands too and beat the shit out of an audience. You will be famous in no time.
Yeah I do agree that controversy do sell in S'pore but it doesn't last long, coz the next moment when another comes, the former would be forgotten.