How to be a better front person?


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Any ideas? I know everyone's saying the same basic stuff, like being friendly, charismatic and all, but sometimes its hard. Like how do you actually get over stage fright or nervousness to let that hidden charismatic you shine through?

What defines a great front person anyways?
The ability to rally the crowd, really entertain them and get them grooving. On their feet even! Basically, entertain and deliver the band as best possible! Attitude!
lots of :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers: :drinkers: LoL

No la, just go out there and do it! Correct, dun pai seh. People are there to watch and be entertained by you, not to laugh at you, unless of cos, u do something silly. 8O
I very pai seh one leh.. :oops: LOL. No seriously, I get serious jitters when I'm on stage... =\ Or even when there's an audience at the jamming studio! That sucks. -_-
candie said:
Like how do you actually get over stage fright or nervousness to let that hidden charismatic you shine through?

easy..have a drink or ten before you play. works for me.
Unsane: I err can't, cause I'm allergic to alcohol. (This sounds insane but its TRUE) =\

Vaiyen: Are you serious?! Haha! Thanks man.. Maybe I expect alot from myself :? I thought I was a little stiff..
i concur with Vaiyen! :lol:

sorry just came back... hanging out with my fren.

i don't really know much about being a good frontman, but I do know a few things NOT to do:

1) Don't apologize profusely for waking up on the wrong side of the bed, eating too much laksa, having flu/fever/cough, not practising hard enough and hence sounding bad. It turns the audience off.

2) Don't keep quiet. Talk to the audience.

3) Don't be disappointed by few audience. Audience are audience, and it's your obligation to give them a good time while you're on stage.

4) Don't be afraid to try things and fail. Failure is one of the things people fear, but it's one of the things to get used to so that you can succeed.
oh yes, nothing makes me snigger more than a singer who says,"sorry but I'm having a sore throat and pardon me if I sound bad."
So predictable.
just be shameless. i mean, why should you care what people think? they'll just go back, say you sucked, and tell their friends about it and have a good laugh. but even if you're good people will say that sort of thing about you anyway. besides, it's not like they're gonna seriously affect your life. your friends will still care about you, your family will still love you, you'll still get scolded for not eating your vegetables. the inane ramblings of strangers makes no real difference to your life.
video yourself during rehearsal. watch and see what you dont like. improve on it. script out 50% of the things you wanna say. the other 50% you will usually forget and make up along the way.

script, practise, video, watch, improve, video, watch, improve ....

same thing apply to all musicians.
if im gonna get stage fright for my first gig, i'd probably get high before doing the set.. haha
Me too lol. But whatever you do, just don't overdo it or you'll end up looking like a huge fool.
soft gave a really good advice .... video or audio recordings will help you see yourself what you can't when you are peforming the act.

Candie: Just do what you like ... have a "do or die" and "You only live once" attitude .... sometimes ... you dun really have to talk too much to the audience. I remember years ago ... i was singing gig and i tried to talk to the audience .... and i turned out being too talkative .... the audience laughed and they are like ... "haha just get on with the song lah Glenn!"

If you are a natural entertainer .... you won't even think about stagefright because there isn't any. But if you are not .... all you need is just a few sentences .. ask them how they are doing? or Tell them abit about the background of the song? Or if you really can, share something Funny ... The Guitarist Swallowed his Pick or something. haha.
Look at those live concerts, and see wat the frontmen do to rave the crowd, take it down and see if u can incorporate it into ur performance.
best advice to overcome stage fright, just imagine everyone's naked. :lol:

or dont look at the crowd that much. look at them but dont actually focus on them. or if you've got some friends in the crowd, focus on those friends, cos most probably they'll give u an encouraging smile.

how to become a good frontman, just act crazy. like what serialninja said. and like guitarman78 said, dont talk too much. it'll just get booring.

my 3 cents worth. actually 5 cents cos singapore doesnt have 1 cent coins anymore.

but of course different people work with different techniques or ways to find their places on stage? my vocalist had a few drinks before a show once and let's just say the set did not go as well as any jamming sessions we have had...