How Many Bassist Here??? Raise Your Hands!


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hii there ppl!! i guesss it wud be nice for the soft bass community to have the bassists to intro themselves and tell us more abt your musical journey so far!!

maybe in future we can do a bass collectives or sumting..
share tots abt bass and bassists themselves in a very nice n productive way!!

anione wanna start??

felytone said:
maybe in future we can do a bass collectives or sumting..
share tots abt bass and bassists themselves in a very nice n productive way!!

anione wanna start??

This reminds me of 1999 siak...
eh, kelvin, waddya mean by 1999?

its so quiet here in bass forum. just wanna add life to it.
maybe they shy arr, dats y!!
Good idea... let me start the ball rolling

i hav been playing guitar since sec1... but never really got very good... so as i was finishing NS end of last year.. decided to take up bass... and now my squier strat is jus standing in my room cos i keep playing my Yamaha RxJ Bass... hahah.... recently played for my hostel band... but dun think i am that good yet... hope to learn more from all u more senior bassist... wah this post sound like stuff i write to apply for job
Hello fellow groove makers,

I learn classical guitar for 1 and a half yrs when I was 12 yrs old, started jamming in studios at 14yrsold and play the bass since then. I bought my first bass guitar in 1978, a MIJ Stagg jazz bass , which I am still using now. I just change the neck pick up to SD bassline and the tone is better than before.

I stopped playing in 1985 due to work commitment and I just started playing again last december 2004. I think it is good to meet and learn from fellow soft bassist here . I have meet 2 really good bassist so far , bass guru 3 notes a bar and bass shredder felytone . Hope to meet and jam with more bassist here in future

keep on grooving
SOT bassist bassist dam shy type so I add for him....STEWART DeSOUZA...
damm good player man...

me! me!

1994: took classical guitar lessons as a distraction after o levels

1995: played a little electric guitar, but didn't really like using the pick. switched to bass instead. most of the time was trying to figure out how flea did his sh!t.

1996: joined first real band, the procrastinators. toyed around with recording equipment with poly mates. blast of a time then. still clueless.

1998: NS. lost in space and time

2001: ORD. joined mediaworks as coffee boy. a yr into the job, coffee spilt on bigshot director. out i went. friend intro-ed me to her friends who was looking for a bassist. joined LGF

now: decided to spend life savings ($43.15) on basses instead of investing wisely for retirement
I am bored..

Formed a band with classmates in 1993, and played drums. Took up acoustic guitar at the same time cos it was boring watching my guitarists play when there is no drumset. Picked up the bass in 1995 and joined 2 bands. Iron maiden covers and pop band in NYP. Stopped playing during NS but bought a very expensive bass thanks to my generous dad. Went to Lasalle and still didnt pick up the bass much. Started playing again with some canto pop band in a job. Was asked to join Asianbeat with Jeremy Yeo, Clement Yang and Yvonne something - Funkburger! Never looked back ever since.

Wah Ramone, you must have split the coffee somewhere very sensitive LOL
felytone said:
eh, kelvin, waddya mean by 1999?

its so quiet here in bass forum. just wanna add life to it.
maybe they shy arr, dats y!!

Oh yeah. I set up this online community once called Bass Circles. Then it somehow evolved into the Bass Players Forum @ Delphi. Ended up doing a couple of meetings with them, resulting in bass orgies and wankery. That time i wasnt even playing the bass consistently yet hehe. Its after I stopped going and posting then i picked up the instrument again.
My turn...

sec 3 while learning drums in church, the coach hook me up with sum little bass grooves to jam for fun. after o lvls, one of the church bassist was having sumthing on during church practice, so i was called to try it out. thn after that play for church till now. only been a few months. currently sharing a squier p-bass and fooling ard with it.
Well, started last year when I tried to learn electric guitar. Realized there were too many wankers in guitar, and knowing full well I could never wank harder then them, I made the switch. After a few jams, concluded that I couldn't improve without regular practice. Set out to buy a bass. Parents didn't approve. Buddy worked after o's to get some cash for a Squier Affinty Pbass. I paid $80, he paid $420. LOL. Next, the search for an amp ensued, but G77 came riding in as my knight in shining armor and gave me a free Fender Rumble bass amp. Yeah, I'm a freeloader. Enjoying wanking on the bass alot, although I don't what the hell I'm playing 100% of the time. :cry:
I bought my first beginner bass just this june!

It's stress relief after too much study. I play the guitar too, sorta, but I'm really enjoying the bass now because if I play hard enough, the skin on my fingers get all beaten up and painful and then I don't have to cut and bleed myself to convince me that I'm alive.


-started playing bass wen i was 14..
-bot a congress guitar n learn songs from it at 15 but jimi hendrix
smashed my guitar at 16.
-nutting to play with but got in a rock band at 17.
( dunno wats on the fretboard dat time but convinced the band leader i
was a bass extraordinaire, haha, wtf lah!!)
-formally self taught since then.
-bot 1st bass washburn xb400 at 19, quit rock band to so called
expand my music world. ( 'rock is dead' was in my mind!!)
-play in a top 40s band
-ns at 20, quit rock band, formed a modern rock band for 1sir 1998/2000,
imagine playing in front of 3000 ppl in division functions, at least 300
moshing; woohooo!! all dat using just my microbass amp!! haha, wtf!!
played standard jazz in trio. learned alot during ns period
-lost my bass in end 2000, bot a red yamaha bb series bass at end of ns
-played here and there in course of few yrs, played with really gr8 ppl (but
dunno who they r actually!!).bot a yamaha fretless 4 along the way. din
play for few yrs..
-sell off most basses( no money)
-formed SKYJUICE IN JAN 2005.
-bot my dream rock bass, half battle won, still have somemore tings to
-ehh, but really2, rock really nebber die siak!!!

blardy hell!! such a long essay arr??!!! nutting to do arr?? better start learn more songs now!!!

guys pls intro k!!!! cheers!!
bought my 1st bass today.. haa.. having fun with it now.. actually it's yest.. pass 12 already.. pick up the bass juz to hv fun mess ard with it.. hv 3 guitars.. classical, electric n bass..
My turn...
Started out doing sound in church at the age of 15 years old.
Discovered I liked low frequencies a lot. Lots of rumbling in my mix...
Started learning bass at 17 years from church people but cannot make it.
Discovered i was tone deaf from my Senoir..
Bought my GnL ASAT Bass from Guitar Connection old shop back beside borders.
Took Bass lessons for a year at Emmanuael Music School at 18 yrs.
Joined my current band at 18+yrs old.
Bought a lot of equipment(some junk)just to experiment with my sound.
Practiced a lot for originals. Took 2mth vocal training lessons b4 Army to cure my "Tone Deafness".
Did 3 recordings.Stuck in Army now....met Serialninja during the Army Half Marathon event. LOL.
My birthday was last Monday. I'm 20 now...
My Bass is slping now..
1984 - born

2002 - formed metal band as vocalist

2003 - picked up drums

2003 - joined industrial band as drummer

2004 - picked up bass

2004 - sessioned for a whole lot of bands as drummer, vocalist or bassist

2004 - NS

2005 - NS

2005 - formed The Panopticon

2005 - playing bass and sampling for abovementioned band plus a whole lot of songwriting

2006 - ORD
Picked up an acoustic guitar and started to learn some simple bass lines from Europe, Cinderella. Then played on my brother's electric bass Formed a band playing malay rocks songs then progress to Helloween, Maiden etc. Formed Savage but split after I think I cannot catch up anymore. Stop for 10 years until this year when I picked up the bass again when asked to form up a band. Currently playing fretless after got hooked with Randy Coven's playing in Ark's Burn The Sun.
i dunno if mine count haha

1989 - born
2005 june - bought 1st gutiar...samick strat. played for a while...
august - forced to learn bass by classmates for class performance...didnt make it ....kicked out of the band
sept - started jamming with a few friends...bass still suck
as of today - going back to gutiar...o lvls soon.

end of my sad bass experience.
first "music related" influence: THE OH-SO-COMMON-AMONG-MODERN-KIDS PIANO. Yes, i was "forced" to learn the piano in pri sch and i dropped around Grade 3 (i didnt even take ANY exams -.-) at P5/6. Went to secondary school, wasted two years not knowing why people want to be musicians or in a music related job.

2002 - sec3, some girl asked me to go for drum classes with her. i went there and owned the kit at "basic" level. bought my own sticks. was just about to buy my own snare...

when my friend taught me the guitar. i learnt how to pluck before i could chord/strum. my first song: Puddle of Mudd - She Hates Me. i plucked that song !!! in 5 days of touching a guitar!!! :D

2003 - sec4 bought a Ibanez Gio GRX40 took up basic electric lessons. after a few months teacher decided to go get a serious job so no more lessons. school chapel needed bassists. picked up the bass and thought, *!!! this is a lot easier. played bass and guitar all thru O'levels (kids, do not try this at home, or anywhere.)

2004 - got a low (but enough) paying job for three months, bought a Ibanez CE40 (acoustic) and then a Ibanez GSR 205 (by now u can tell, I LOVE IBANEZ 8) ) and started groovin. no more teachers for me since 2004, self-taught. participated in various musically-inclined groups like a 3 piece band, played for church, and even joined my choir friends in an aca pella group (yes, i can sing! just cover your ears when i do, okay :p ) and then joined a rock band. 5 piece, i was the 2ndbassist/acoustic/backupvox/keyboardist/extra. d0h -.- we didnt make it very far. but we tried. somewhere in the late half of the year my mom bought me a Ibanez BTB 406QM, on loan. till today i still owe her ... 900 bucks out of the 1100+. i wish i was rich. er.

2005 - left poly, somehow FSV was not for me. got into lasalle \m/_ still in that 5pc rock band. experimented by bringing in 1 more guy to help us compose (not essays hor). didnt make it for much again, managed to organize a gig in june (went quite well! maybe another in dec), met lots of bands and people (skyjuice, crossbred, etc) that play better than me. for now. :twisted: hehe.

present - trying to figure out why my 6string is so *. surviving on my GSR205. going to sleep. bass groves swimming in my head. zZz...