WolfGang UrbanDub and Kapatid – At Fort Canning Fiesta 7th Feb (Sunday)

I was there at 12.30pm in the afternoon….and after a while I saw a small Boy I recognized ..It was Bro Derf’s son…Kekekekke how could I forget this little chap..our future Singing Guitarists…

Derf and his Band played…and he sings (nothing facinate me more than a Singing Drummer really) and he was good…so did his Wify sang there ((and she had a great voice too)….It was really fun to watch a RMS Band playing there at this event…nice..ee

Geri (Drummer) from TnT was there too, so was Sphere hahahha.

Oh and yes the Band that play at RMS Halo Halo gig (the Rock Band that took out their shirts one) hahahaha they were there too…It was great to see familiar faces really. I saw Mamborat Basists there also

Then suddenly someone tap my back and says “Hi Eric”..I couldn’t believe it – It was Gilbert Nogales (Winner of the 1st Drumfest held in Singapore and Asia) eg like Modern Drummer Festival…and of course he Rocks – he play for the Philippino Idols there yesterday who came out to sing …they were all great…and how can Gilbert not do Drum-Solos- he did and it was great to see one of my most Favourite Drummer drum there...and he was Twirling his sticks now and then - must ask him teach me how to do that - can show off a bit...yah yah...Kekekekekke.

Hm.mmmm about the Dancers… they were out dancing every interval after every Band ended their set (smart idea) so that the next band can do their setup here…an ingenious idea by the Organiser….

Actually all these while – I was waiting for “WolfGang” – that’s the core reason why I was there…and I didn’t know they were the last band to comes out (so I was force to wait till the entire show end) .. but that turns out to be a blessing in disguise…as I saw the other Bands play for the 1st time.

Kapatid: -

I didn’t know they are that good really … I especially like their Drummer (the Long Hair guy) – He actually Rocksssssssssssss – he is like Tearing down the whole Blady Yamaha Maple Drum Set there yesterday (and I learned something) - - The next time when I do my Rock Drumming with Elements – (I will just tell myself) – Tear the Freaking Drum Set up who cares …Whahhahaha – cause I’m a Rock.kkkkker. Actually my drumming Instructor taught me to drum like that – like what Kapatid Drummer was doing (but I just couldn’t)..that kind of ENERGY he has…Wowwww my respect to him. He is now – one of my Favourite drummer too.

The Singer of Kapatid is a real Cool Guy (though a little arrogant or maybe he is not – he just couldn’t smile and don’t like to talk much)..I guess that’s what makes him “Cool” here - but sang very well and I like his Style. You know what I like about this guy – (His 3 Star And A Sun Tatoo – right behind his Back) a very huge one that covers his whole back literally …Wow … coollllllllll man I love it whahahhahhaha…I Don’t ask me to put that behind – me wify will kill me really for that) so much so after their gig I bought Kapatid Album there.- – and I just had to get the Singer to sign it and took a picture with him .

He wrote something on my Album,, scribble something..like xxxxx something and don’t know what he wrote – like Marxists kinda thing – I will show you all – and you guys help me figure it out here – ok…kekekeke thks oneday.


I didn’t know UrbanDub rock till I see them play (1st time for me of course) … and I like their Music too they Rock and I can see the people jumping up and down with their hands up - -- wowwww they sure have lots of Fans though there

The Singer sang very well, but I like the Guitarists…the one who keeps jumping up and down…I wonder how he can jump that high with his guitar and legs apart hahahha (he really can jump, maybe he learn some Kung Fu before or maybe Gymnastic I guess ) kekekeke … great showmanship – How to jump with a Guitar legs spread apart and it was high that he jump…hahahahhaha…This one – me drummer better not learn…wait jump like that backside landed on the floor and not on the Drum-Throne – I die…kekekekke.

I think overall Urbandub has great showmanship besides the great Music they really brought to us yesterday…That’s why I also bought their CD here and a Large Button of theirs (with 4 skull) here


I think WolfGang is the Main Attraction here that everyone has been waiting for (including me) ..I can hear all the Screamings…with everyone crying out aloud when they came out – ….Wolf ..Wolf… Wolf… Wolf…Wolf … and so I follow suit also here - hahahahaha….wah shiok man.

Ever wonder, why I love Wolfgang so much ( you wont believe me if I tell you) – The 1st Pinoy Rock Song I ever Heard and love is “Giyang” and that’s the 1st song I learn to sing in Tagalog…cant blame me – afterall these guys are simply awesome.eeeeeeeeeeee man…This is where my Rock Journey really started with my Brothers…Chris (my Mentor in Rock), Bojok, Jayzon, Geri, Renan, … TnT/ Elements…and Now – Hey I’m a Rocker man…Kekekke yeahhh.

Ok back to where I am – for the 1st time I saw ‘WolfGang in persons” ..and I think the Singer he looks really great, very very Gawpo and Great vocals (I mean me also but me not very very Gawpo just Gawpo only lah actually ( in case you don’t know me) kekekeke … aiyoh ..me Makapal again..(slap slap myself here).

The Guitarist is also very good in his Playing and in looks …

The above 2 members of Wolfgang looks like Whites (both of them) but are Pinoy I presume …must be lah since they sing Tagalog and speaks Tagalog.

I notice something very Funny here (as you all know I am a Drummer) so I will tend to focus more attention on the Drummer ..AND I saw WolfGang’s Drummer Right Crash has a Crack (quite a big chip) and very obvious there … so I asked myself“How come his Cymbals crack lah – did Urbandub Drummer Crack it?” … No actually cause he brought his own Cymbals there..so it must be Crack when he put them up…

Maybe or Maybe not – I will also follow his style here – cause
(1) Buying Crack Cymbals is obviously much cheaper (Soft got plenty)
(2) People might think – Wah I am a Blady Killer Drummer lah – cause look at my Crash and what I have done to it here…kekekekke
(3) Unless people think I’m Broke and have no $$$ to buy new cymbals – (but it’s Ok)
(4) Or - My Techniques in Drumming screw-up – as I crack my Cymbals….which is a “NO” and I will say –…never see Wolfgang Drummer meh – his cymbal also like mine what Kekekekke always crack and Cymbals are meant to be Totured in this manner , and Basically I Rockkkk man---whahahaha … will be my reply.

But who cares yah - maybe – I think I should start looking for “ Crack Crash Cymbals “ here at Soft – that is still swesomeee sounding here.. So Elements don’t be surprise – I put up a Crack Cymbals next time…whahahaha.

Of course I also went and bought WolfGang CD, plus on top of this – I bought their Tee-Shirt (Large one) ..how can I not buy – I am their Fans here…I play their songs and I sing their songs man.

My only Regret is – I am not being able to capture their Videos of

Natutulog Kong Mundo, Giyang, Arise, Weighless, Halik Ni Hudas (all these songs) near the end – because – My Phone battery went flat – while taking Natutulog Kong Mundo not even halfway…I was really upset, ..but what to do. Luckily I still have all those videos of them at the start when they played.

PS: - To the Girl (I spoke to you yesterday while you were taking WolfGang Photos) - The one that came with Mamborat Bassists - you promised to give me Wolfgang Photos - dont forget har? ...

Anyway - since I cant take anymore videos after this – what do I do… I sing with them lah (since I know the Lyrics) cause these are the songs “Elements” play too..and I really sing lol …As Loud As I Could there (like shouting) … really did enjoy myself so much there, in spite I was feeling really hungry by then at 8.30pm when it ended …

No Regret … and Thanks to Bro Chris - - for informing me beforehand and giving me a Free Ticket to this Concert – My Favourite Band “WolfGang was here” …and I am looking forward to RazorBack coming in May 2010….

Sorry for being so long-winded here – as I just wanna share my excitement and happiness with you guys…Cheers !

PS: - Also I almost forgot - to thank the Organiser for this Wonderful Event here...Thank you JD


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Hey bro,

I'm glad to know that you are happy! I would like to wish you "Gong Xi Fa Cai". But don't forget the "ang pow" ah. hehehe.
Hey bro,

I'm glad to know that you are happy! I would like to wish you "Gong Xi Fa Cai". But don't forget the "ang pow" ah. hehehe.

What Ang Pow - I am still single for the Chinese New Year - cause me Wify is still in Europe lah Bro....Kekekkeekkekeke !

Wah I really enjoy myself yesterday alot lah - these Pinoy Rockers are superbbbbbbbbbbb man I love it.

PS: - Hey I can sing Tagalog Rock Song you know ? actually very easy one just eat one-cup Halo Halo per day and in a months time you can sing one Tagalog Rock SOng- - dont say me brother brother with you neber teach you the secret ...

Eat Halo-halo everyday for 3 months - you will be singing Tagalog like nobody business and the Song Arise.eeee by Wolfgang.

Eat Halo Halo everday for 6 months - I will see you in Singapore General Hospital Whahahahahha...Diagnose with Diabetes.

Psssshhhh : - Dont tell others har? kekekekke
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If You Have Pics of This Events- Please Post It Up Here to Share with us ?

If any bros or sis here have Pics of this Events - Please post it up here to share it with us all ok ?...especially WolfGang...Kekekekeke.

Many Thanks


Hi RudimentalDrummer,

really glad you liked WolfGang.
they rock!
you guys should watch out for the next event, the organizers are bringing Razorback in. (thats what i heared)
WolfGang and Razorback are like buddies,. sometimes they switch members.

WolfGang and Razorback are the best there is in the Philippines.

BTW, "giyang" is not a wolfgang original,. it is razorback's original compo, wolfgang just covered it.

check this out:
Hi RudimentalDrummer,

really glad you liked WolfGang.
they rock!
you guys should watch out for the next event, the organizers are bringing Razorback in. (thats what i heared)
WolfGang and Razorback are like buddies,. sometimes they switch members.

WolfGang and Razorback are the best there is in the Philippines.

BTW, "giyang" is not a wolfgang original,. it is razorback's original compo, wolfgang just covered it.

check this out:

Thanks Cheyen..yeah I love Wolfgang man.

And for sure I am going to watch RazorBack in May 2010 like you say – WolfGang/RazorBack are like one they switch Members

Ohhhh izzit? WolfGang and RazorBack are one of the best in Philippines? I see…

Ahhh so Giyang is not WolfGang Original Compo but RazorBack … that means – kekekeke I am playing some RazorBack song and some WolfGang numbers also….yeahh yeahhh Kekkekeke good..good and thanks.

PS:- I like the way Wolfgang did “Natutulog Kong Mundo” that nite … wah .. bassists solo, lead guitar solo then drummer solo – while singer relax drink water whahahhaha …. Like Jazz like that(only thing its not Trading 4 or 8 here) – but wowwwwwwww I love it man…very innovative.

Next time – I also want to Drum and sing this song (if I can) - hahahahahaha. I can sing ¾ of this Song now (remember by hard) - - but some words I still cant pronounce properly (the long ones) hehehehe...and I dont understand the meaning of every word I sing of course here - but I love the Tune and Voice of the Singer and the composition of this entire song - Natautulog Kong Mundo very much t- it's lovely.

If I could - I sing this song for you at RMS Meetup - I ask Geri of TnT to play the drums...but pleaseeee - Dont laught at me ok ... kekekekekke..for you...AND - No Recording of me singing this song...hahahahahhaha...
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You can try singing the english version of the song.
i cant recall the title,.something like still waters or something

heres the link:


Thanks a lot Bro, but I don’t want to sing Mata Ng Diyos….I wanna sing Natutulog Kong Mundo…just one song kekekeke…I think the Halo Halo Theory works…hahahaha I’ll eat more.

But har – No I must still try to learn to sing the Original one in Tagalog - … nicer actually and have more Style mah. …correct?

And thanks for the link lol bro…


Wolf (Original Drummer Of WolfGang) And ...Me.eeeeeeeeeeee Kekekekekeke !

Thanks to Bro Kit I was able to meet Wolf on the 12th Feb nite at "The House Of Rock" ...so this is the Wolf .... Wolf.....Wolf....Wolf.... of WolfGang.

He is now based in USA Cali I think....and is playing with a Band call - 3HeadedDog.

Wolf was here on 12th Feb and left Singapore on the16th Feb 2010 back to the Philippines before flying back to USA in April 2010 ... something like that....

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Karl Roy Singer & Frontman of Kapatid and P.O.T. frontman Karl Roy dieddied ... It's So saddddddddddd t . He passed away at 1:01 am 13th Mar 2012, of a heart attack.

I know Karl Roy is the Brother of Razorback Singer too.

The last time I saw him performed with his rock band Kapatid, way back in Singapore a few years ago at Fort Canning Hill with my RMS Buddies who were there too...and Karl Roy Rockkkkkkkkk
--- I remember his 3 Stars & A Sun Tatoo on his Back - a Super Cool Guy...and I like him alot.

RIP Karl Roy...I still have your Sign Copy of Kapatid Album here with me till todate .... You will always be Remembered....