how high do you hang your guitar? c'mon in and share!

depends on what im playing.

stuff like heavy chugging of the E string and down picking, the guitar needs to be low, its easier on the picking arm's forearm muscles. I cant chug as good when its around my waist.

other than that its around my waist area
eric johnson! real good control of how u play, and not so strain on ur shoulders and hands too!
Waist area. Used to be higher, slightly lower than Eric Johnson's length. After i had Dimarzio Cliplocks installed, the highest i could get the guitar up to was about waist length, so yea, i adapted and it's been this way for quite some time now. Looks cooler too. A little tough to do a run way up the neck, gotta shift your body to a weird position to get to those frets.

somewhere around there.
i cheat, i hold low to look cool when playing simpler stuff den when hard solo comes i'll push up.
I am nearly always seated, but occasionally on a strap, Holdsworth height (quite high almost at the chest)
haha.. mine ah .. slighter higher then normal players .. my height ah mm .. slightly higher then the guy in the KISS pic .. haha.. my rhythm guitarist always say i hang very high and stuff..thing is high .. play solos all easy .. low ah .. diff ..
well, i'll hang it til my fingers can reach to the last fret comfortably, but i'll try to bring it low as possible...