how can i improve my skill on bass?


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i been playing the guitar for abt a yr onli.. i know the guitar basic and etc) and recently i like playin bass which suits me., but i have simply no idea where to start with bass.. :? anyone can help me., how to improve on my bass skill and etc? plz dont tell me use fingers to play bass and not picks., hahahx., :lol: it be great if you guys can tell me., where to go for electric bass lesson or have any webby for to improve bass skills., thx alot ya., :D
a very good start will be to listen to bassists of your fav songs and get your influences.

some people say: "Oh, bass is just a second guitar."

Bullshit! It's an art, man.

bass isn't just about playing roots in 4ths or 8ths. it's about setting the groove for the whole band. remember! there is no proper band w/o the bass!

good influences are stuart hamm, sting, jack bruce, or any other bassist that does the bass parts that u like.

doing exercises/drills on your fingerboard also keeps your fingers strong and make sure that your pinky is used.

go to sites like or the bass survival 101 from

i might try out a few lessons from he music clef in suntec too. i've been to their trial lesson and so far it seems good.
where to get lesson on bass

is there electric bass lesson at yamaha? anyway is there any other area or anyone teaching bass guitar lesson??
what should i know for bass basic? :?: