Looking for band members - Metal / Grunge


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Hey there everyone! My name’s Jared. I am an 18 year old South African, whose lived in Singapore for the last five years. A couple years ago, I made a post here discussing the rock and metal community in SG; local bands, where the scene was, and etc. After finally finishing my studies and having free time, i’ve decided to start a rock / metal band. I don’t have a name yet, but i have ideas.

I am a rhythm guitarist. I also play a little bit of piano / keyboards too. I can play bass relatively well and sing a bit if needed, although i would prefer to merely be backing vocalist. I am searching for , if possible, a vocalist (harsh vocals work but i’d prefer someone who can do cleans) , a lead guitarist (i’m not exactly a soloist), a bassist and a drummer.

Stylistically, my influences vary. My main musician influences are Steven Wilson and Devin Townsend. I am a prog guy, if you can’t tell, but to be honest , i’m glad to try anything, from Grunge to Thrash to Metalcore to Punk. I’d say my guitar playing style is close to Adam Jones’ of Tool, and Stephen Carpenter of Deftones, with a tone similar to classic era Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins. I love heavy metal and i love mixing it with dreamy genres like shoegaze. My all time favorite band is Porcupine Tree.

If any of this sounds up your street, DM me and we can get to talking! I don’t mind if nothing works out, at the very least i wanted to try my hand and maybe talk to some local musicians. I would love musicians in my age range (late teens to mid twenties) , if possible. I am totally willing to jam with people. If interested, contact me at 90283102.

Hi man, if you're still looking for a guitarist, just let me know! I'm honestly undecided on whether I'm more of a rhythm or lead guitarist but I'm interested in trying new things out. Check out my thread if you wanna know what type of music I listen to :)