help needed, again.


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hi another question here again. :(

i'm getting rid of my carlos kit, now planning to get something better and longer lasting.and is in a big confusion of what to decide.electronic or acoustic? :?

for electronic, what should i get?my budget is very tight, say 1-1.4k?
i've seen all the edrum threads experts and experienced says roland td3 is quite alright, and the yamaha dtxplorer fits my budget. but what exactly is alright for me?

for acoustic, i'm choosing between the PEACE Demolition, something from pearl, or the TAMA Stagestar.again what is the right kit for me?

i'm living in a HDB flat on the fourth floor, no complaints yet, but i was told by my friend that the drum sound can be heard at the first pointers please!

i hope to receive lotsa help.all would be greatly appreciated.

thanks! :D
edd, i am no drummer but maybe for a start, you might want to go and try those that you mentioned first? i mean not matter what others might say, you are still going to be the one playing it.

*also, dont use "help needed, again." as title of your post. make some effort to describe your content.
You could paste those sound proofing sponge like stuff on your walls.
My friend installed a box-like thing in his room, and in it is his drum set.