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I've been trying acoustic guitar for quite a while, but can nv get past basic strumming n v v single note basic improvisation.. I've seen ppl at guitar shops jus picking up any guitar n play reali fabulous improvisation without having to think.. their fingers jus flow naturally whereas i hav to tink of wad to play n wher to play.. how do i improve on my techniques?? pls advise.. thks..
Learn songs....practice.....Learn more songs.....practice even more.

If u're ready, learn some theory too, like scales, mode, progressions.

then practice more...

Then after that, go to a guitar shop and make other people feel you have fabulous technique...(Plus piss of the shop keeper....especially at Davis...)

Everyone has to start somewhere. That guy you saw at the shop was like you back then. Don't give up. Just remember " Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent, only perfect practice makes perfect."

It's crucial to get the "motor" skills correct at the beginning. Bad habits are hard to kick. Theory does help a lot, esp. when it comes to improvisions, as you'll be able to understand the music better.

In the meantime, try not to hurt your wrist. Ha..haha... And stay in tune!

learn as much as possible but at the end of the day it's about what you can do. if you can play just about what's humming in your head, then you're there. 8)
me can onli find tabs in bks.. n they are all straight playing.. no feel at all. like slurs, crescendos, etc... i noe roughly wad i want to play cos im a keyboardist as well.. but takes ages to find out where is e fret to press n play smoothly.. whereas most ppl can jus pick up a guitar n play fabulous improvisation without thinking.. u c their fingers jus run across the whole guitar neck slurring at e appropriate time n stuff like dat. everything they play jus sound nice.. unlike mine.. gotta learn the alphabet before you can write nicely...

Juz like the years the family had to "tahan" when the kid is learning piano or violin before he/she recites mozart or chopin....

So, perservere!! There's no easy way to reach the sky in 1 step. I'm sure MOST of us (me included) put many back breaking hours into learning the basics and stuff before we could express ourselves creatively.
Can you pls advise me on roughly where to start.. cos me reali lost.. not sure how and where shld i start prac.. thks..