Guitar Teacher Available!


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Hi all!

Would you be looking for a guitar teacher?

Am currently undergoing a BA (Hons) in Music, and have experience teaching electric and acoustic guitar and ukulele privately through one-to-one coaching and groups during the past few years and in various primary and secondary schools, and am currently seeking to expand my pool of students.

I have been teaching freelance and have experience coaching at various primary and secondary schools in Singapore, and I do provide going over to student's homes to teach.

I have been playing guitar for 10 years extensively, and am able to cover genres such as rock, metal, pop and blues.

I would be able to cover the following below:

1. Basic to advanced techniques

- Introduction to instrument
- Posture
- Strumming (Basic picking to sweep picking)
- Picking
- Bending
- Vibrato
- Harmonics
- Tapping
- Whammy Bar techniques
- Etc...

2. Theory and Aural training
- Diatonic Harmony
- Scales
- Modes
- Rhythm
- improvisation
- Time signatures
- Ear Training (Interval/Chords)
- Etc...

If you would be interested and would like to discuss more, do feel free to contact me! :)
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