Guitar Teacher Available (Able to travel and cheaper rate for trial lesson!)


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Hi all!

Are you looking for a guitar instructor?

I am currently finishing up a BA (Hons) in Music, and have experience teaching electric, acoustic guitar and ukulele privately through one-to-one coaching, groups, as well at various primary and secondary schools during the past few years, and am currently seeking to expand my pool of students.

Having taught guitar and ukulele freelance from a variety of students (Beginner to advanced level students), ranging from 10-60 years old, I do also actively gig in a full band and acoustic settings and have performed at various venues as well, such as the Esplanade, Blujaz Cafe and at various corporate events.

Having played the electric guitar for 10 years extensively, my main focus of genres are pop, blues, reggae, funk, rock and metal.

I would be able to cover the following below:

1. Basic to advanced techniques

- Introduction to instrument
- Posture
- CAGED System
- Strumming, Picking (Basic picking to sweep picking), Bending & Vibrato, Harmonics, Tapping
- Etc...

2. Theory and Aural training
- Tab Notation/Reading
- Diatonic Harmony
- Scales & Modes
- Rhythm
- Harmony
- improvisation
- Ear Training (Interval/Chords)
- Applying Theory to Playing
- Etc...

Lesson material is provided as well!

I am located in the East but am able to travel to most parts of Singapore to teach. (Extra charges do apply if the location is further)

If you would be interested and would like to discuss more regarding rates, trial lessons, portfolio, other student testimonials or should you have any other enquiries, please do feel free to PM me. Cheers!