Guitar Jazz 101 : Basic Jazz Harmony & Chord Progression

I remember the first time I wanted to learn jazz guitar, I've got no clue at all about the cool sounding jazz chords, the progression, the bass line, groove, and improvisation. They said jazz is about freedom, play anything you know..we all need some tools & aids to get there.
If you already play the simple guitar chords and feel the same as how I felt last time, this course's for you :

Here's the snippet from Basic Bossa Nova Guitar Workshop I conducted - you could watch that the participants have progressively been gaining knowledge, control & confidence over their solo lines (beside learning to play the chords & groove)
Learning guitar is not merely memorizing chord shapes (which can be found easily via internet), but more of understanding the musical concept.
Daniel Purnomo explains about the importance of understanding musical concept for guitarist - The art of hearing is usually the missing link between the music theory & the fingerboard knowledge.

We've got to know the concept behind the music, but we've got to know the sound of what we learn too.
Here's for guitarists who want to start "jazzing" up your music - this course's designed for you :