Good overhead mics????


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hiya, been questioning this for ages, really don't know which is better to go for.
I'm planning on either a pair of=>
Rode NT-5
Oktava MK012
AKG C1000s

Which is better for overheads???
it depends on what kinda sound you wanna capture on the overheads. for me, the rode work fine for normal overheads. if i want the crisp of the cymbal, i'll go for akg451. :) that's a mics which is quite cheap and produce not a bad sound. the 414 and sm81 works well too on drums. :) that's just what i like lah, i guess there's more people having different ideas on miking selection on drums. :)
I've personally heard and saw the Sm81 in action. I tell you the money is worth it. Well i wished i had a pair. But right now i'm usinga somewhat similar one but not as good pair.
The Samson CO2 Pencil condensers. EXTREMELY cheep but, decent sounding, no complaints

i used them everyday..and i love it..and it's cheap. russian made but hard to get.
if you have access to guitar center in USA sometimes they sell cheaply.
i love oktava on acoustic guitar. overhead..
good mic

well if you want to spend alot of fortune with mic, you'll never go wrong with neumann U67. i used neumann M149 as overhead or room mic. but don't forget mic must be connected to good preamp. i prefer solidstate preamp over tube. but sometimes tube preamp works well also. sometimes cheap mic like oktava will get good result. it all depend on your recording approach. don't forget also combination good instrument/tuning and great player will get you in the best result. drum recording is one of long exhausted recording process i must deal everyday.
Go with a AKG 451 if your trying to pick up the sizzle of your cymbals. 414 if you going for the entire drum kit as a whole, usually for jazz setup. Too much money, M149.

My honest opinion? Actually any mic will do... seriously. I have worked with the above mention mics and others but there were occasions where a cheaper mic worked better than a more expensive mic. There was once i recorded using a SM57 as an overhead 8O yeah crazy but it worked for that session. Placement for the mic will the biggest difference in the final sound. There is no rite or wrong position. There are times where placing the mic in perspective with the drummer sound better, there are other where xy works better.... It depends on the tuning of the drums, the drummer style, the music, the mood, the actually sound of the drums, the sound u are trying to achieve as a engineer, etc. Its a long chase for that "rite" sound. Pick up a pair of cans and solo the mic while drummer plays and find that "spot" for your sound. Pull that into ur mix and see if works. Cheers!
Thanks for the replies, guys.... I still am saving hard for mics.
Guess i'm just so keen on practicing XY. Currently i am using an AT4033 to pickup the overheads, and i also have 2 SM57s.
(SM57 for overhead???? that's new)
Will look around for those mics you've mention....

i agree with exxtreme with the drum mic setup. It really depend on what kind of sound u like to hear. A good sound consist a lot of factors eg the mic location(most important), room accoustic, cables used, right use of mics,mixer used etc. Btw sm57 is used in snare or tom toms(due to freq response and is a dyamic mic!) Use sm81 or sm94 for overheads. Check out to know more. :)