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Hi to all,P.U.S.Hmusic Pte Ltd is a Artiste & Gigs Management Company. We organise gigs and manage artistes too. Apart from that we also conduct courses. Like Guitar, Vocal Development, Keyboard and Composing courses.

Right Now we're offering a one month trail course for all these courses that are mentioned earlier. The first 10 to register to register will stand to win 1x our local artiste "Wu De En" 's E.P(album) FREE. And the next 40 to register will get a BONUS lesson at the end of the 1 month course. It applys to all the courses mention above.
Pls dont spam lah! One post is enuf. By the way SOFT is not the place for free and shameless advertising. Confirm softies will boycott you. U should buy Ad space from James (Soft).
Tell us more about your company. Who are the people behind the company? which are the artistes you are managing? and which are the gigs you are managing or organized?

It will help ppl to understand more before they sign up for any course that yu want to sell here.
Is this another fly by night, take the money and run courses, you do not even have have proper websites, how to believe in what you you say here. lots of scam now going on


This is not a scam. All this is just your own perceptions. P.U.S.Hmusic consist of 2 Main Divisions and 2 departments. The first division is Artsite management Division which is headed by Roy Goh which is the Director & Chief operating Officer (Creative Producer), Second follow by Strategic business division and it is headed by Daniel Lee, Director & Chief Exective Officer. And the other 2 department are, Event & Marketing department headed by Desmond Wong and Artiste & Repertiore Department headed by Janet Ng. And come on use your brain. P.U.S.hmusic is a Coperate company.

And on yesterday we just launched our very own local artiste "Wu De En" E.P. And it is in stores now. Go and check it yourself. Orchard, Far East Plaza level 3. Shop Name: Disc Planet Online.
I f I do not use my brain then I am just like a lost sheep following what you say blindly right , I don't think any of us here know all those people in your company too . At least I get a better answer from you right by using my brain to ask question as the website you directed is just a kid with a guitar :) everybody website is always not ready or under constrution here
wow maybe you should let your marketing department handle posting on forums and pissing off forums members!! :lol: :lol: ....hehe now isnt that just usign my brains

this guy post as if we know who is who in his company like that.
and which dumbphuck doesnt know you're so called 'company' is located at east coast road BLABLABLA. it's like so obvious one lor~ still wanna caps and post summore

The first division is Artsite management Division which is headed by Roy Goh which is the Director & Chief operating Officer (Creative Producer) << is it Artsite or Artiste?

so rich rite go advertise at classified la.
Hey I'm serious. A bi-lingual forum will be fair to those who uses mostly Chinese most of the time, so if written in Chinese, it will be more accurate on the part of the writer.
Then it wouldn't be fair to those who cannot read Chinese. It's the responsbility of the marketing manager or whoever is their public relations to make sure the info posted are accurate.

And please guys, don't be so hard on them. We are getting a little pushy ourselves... :wink:
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