Gold-plated tremolo and input jack cover


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Hi, anyone noes if Davis or anywhere got gold-plated tremolo, whammy bar and input jack plate? I wanna install a black pickguard and the above-mentioned to make my sunburst strat look a bit like SRV's sig model... heh... ok i noe it's just cosmetics....

Any idea how much they would cost?
according to, ur trem will be USD$150, jack plate USD$19, and whammy bar USD$20. so all in about USD$190. gold of course. email them and ask them how much shipping is.
and is ur sunburst a 3 tone one? cos SRV's strat is a 3 tone one, if u've got the 2 tone one, then it will look funny lei. imho la.
enjoy! am sprucing up my strat too.. keke.
Haha... yeah man, mine is 3 tone sunburst rosewood fretboard... but it's a big headstock.. haha!

oh well... too bad i didn't get your 57 RI... :(

Wah that's damn ex... u think the cheaper brands got such goldplated stuff?
think the cheaper brands also have but dunno about things like compatibility man...guess best to take ur strat down to the shop and ask them, maybe guitar connection and davis got some gold parts...shld be much cheaper compared to the orig fender parts.
am ordering pickguards from allparts. but they haven't replied my emails argh..
Hey man you gonna install the pickguard yourself? Read somewhere that you gotta drill extra holes first eh...

lemme noe how much you get ur pickguard installed, i think the first thing i'll change is that. :D

The goldplated parts can wait...
oh no won't be drilling extra holes. will be getting the original '57 pickguards 8 hole ones. dun wanna de-value my strat la. keke. ordering from several online folks including on ebay. will let ya know. most prob send to one of the nice folks here to ix up the pickguard and pickups. am gettin gthe fender hot noiseless set from ebay too. cheers
SRV's strat uses left handed bridge, a rather flat pau ferro fret board (rose word looks close though), and quite obviously the black pick guard.
Steady lah, thanks for the input, yeah i'm aware of the specs of the SRV... been drooling over it every once in a while on the fender site.

Didnt noe that pau ferro is a kind of rosewood though, looks a bit lighter in color.