WTS gold hardware for Gibson LP/SG (bridge/string saver saddles/pick guard)


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Original tune-o-matic bridge by Graphtech with string saver graphite saddles. Gives a bigger, fatter & warmer tone compared to the usual metal saddles and increases tuning stability while reducing string breakage as well. Comes with string posts and it's a direct fit if you have an existing guitar (lespaul or sg) with a Nashville or ABR-1 style tune-o-matic bridge. Taken off my existing Gibson Les Paul Studio. This bridge cost me about 90++ bucks at Guitar Connection.

Original Gibson Gold Mirror pickguard- bought from Davis but decided not to install it on my guitar in the end. Comes with a matching gold mirror jack plate as well. Bought for 55 bucks.

I'm selling the whole lot as a set for 70. Its a bargain compared to the original prices I've paid for these matching gold hardware sets. Not looking for trades.

SMS 93389698 to deal at my convenience. Tanah Merah, City Hall or any station along the east is preferred. Have a nice day!