Gibson Replica? 400 Bucks?

there's no such thing as a Gibson replica (ie. a commissioned copy with 'Gibson' on the headstock). it's most probably a fake, please be careful.
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i don't understand why people wanna waste their money buying crappy fake guitars when they can spend the same money on genuine guitars which are quality assured. for example, it isn't worth spending $400 on a fake gibby when you can spend the $400 on a used genuine epiphone. in fact, the fakes are not worth even 1 cent, because they kill the guitar market.
My assumptions were right... this guy probably bought a cheap sx, scrape away the top and put a gibson there... hoping to make a quick buck.
they don't look like SX guitars. there are indeed establishments out there doing fakes.

and they are getting better at it. which puzzles me why dont these guys just put their own brandname on the headstock???
I'll probably buy them if they werent a fake.
Slash used an LP replica while recording appetite so i guess it's a matter of taste and the feeling you get when you play the instrument.
Actually to be honest, i dont mind using fakes or replicas.. the chelsea shirt i'm wearing now is from pasak malam...

If its the same wood, the same hardware and most importantly Quality setup, then i wouldnt mind.. I mean the Rally Lp is a good clone, its just that its underated because it has little exposure...
theres a difference between LP copies/replicas and Fake gibson.

One is a copy which bear resemblance to the original gibson one without infringement of intellectual property right while the other is blatant infringement and big "f.u.c.k you gibson" right in the face.

Nobody will say anything on anyone who play copies replicas that bear its own brand, with changes made to the cutaway/headstock shape etc in general. But when comes to fake instrument, even at a tiny fraction of the original cost, its still a fake and having the danger of sold to uninformed parties at real gibson prices.

Hehe, looking it in another direction, imagine when in heat, cant find partners, decide to settle for ah qua. How, song boh?
Some people who don't play guitar but know the difference between a real and fake Gibson might buy the fake one for the sake of using it as a wall ornament. Nothing wrong with that I suppose?

Honestly some of the Fake Gibsons that I've tried are not bad guitars. no popping out frets no out of shape neck whatsoever. After a good setup, it can be as playable as any guitar. Being compared to the real deal, they are definitely inferior but being compared to other LP copies, they might still put up a fight.

I think the most important thing is that the seller of these fake guitars mention clearly that it is a fake. At least the people who buy them are clearly aware. Otherwise, that's cheating.
Yeah, at least the seller says its a replica or a fake. U cant blame them for trying to cheat u cos u know its fake alr.

If anyone wants to get it then its their responsibility to check for flaws, test the guitar etc.. If not then cannot blame the seller also.
These replica's are really crap guitars. Its really not worth the money spent.


Just by selling a "branded replica" even if it states so in the ad is still ILLEGAL.
there's no con job here by the seller as it clearly states it as a replica but its still against the trademark and copyright laws.

If anyone out there buys the replica and then maybe chooses to sell it later, The person will then be committing the copyright infringement as well.

No good way around it and my advise is to stay clear of these kinds of "Branded Replicas"

it's ok to go cheap but don't go for fakes.
It's probably a Chinese Les Paul. Very very terrible! Do not get it!

Take the $400 and spend it on something like a Tokai Les Paul. More worth it for your money.
I am new to guitar and I am wondering did Les Paul sells his design to alot of guitar manufacture?? Because Besides Gibson I also see brands like eiphone n some other .. Are these fake???
Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson. The Les Paul models of Epis are licensed.
The others which say they are modeled after/copies are okay (SX, Rally, TGM, etc.), but the real illegal deal is those from TradeTang and that stuff. Most got busted and the most prominent one left is TradeTang. It's illegal. Don't buy guitars with Gibson on the headstock but aren't real Gibsons. Mostly they're crap, put together hastily, crap electronics etc.
Honestly, these guitars sell very fast sadly. People succumb to the idea of owning a "Gibson" for a fraction of the cost but it sounds and plays, average to below that. Trust me on that. Some china guitars are great though, but not usually those going under the name of those big brands.
China made legit guitars such as Craftsman do play well because they have a brand name to uphold.
However, these Fibsons are pure crap. They don't have a rep to uphold and are banking on people's greed to own a Gibson when they can't afford one. And people buy these and create huge profits for these criminals.
Personally very against these fakes. It's downright copyright infringement.