FS: Gibson ES-137 Custom


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You are looking at a beautiful Gibson ES-137 Custom with Significant non invasive/ permanent upgrades:
1. TUSQ Bone Nut
2. Gibson Kluston Deluxe Gold Tuners w/ Jade Pegs
3. Custom Truss Rod Covers (Koi-Japan)
4. Woodbuckers Custom Special Order Bridge & Neck (Same or higher quality than 57' Classics)
*Can restore to Gibson Original Pickups at request
5. Bigsby 16K? 24K? Goldplated
6. Fishman Piezo bridge pickup (Gives you on the fly beautiful Acoustic sound through the PA System) / Guitar has a 9V battery installed in the cavity.
*The knob replaced that crappy 6-way Varitone switching (Can be restored at your own expense, IMO crap)
7. Wooden Pickguard (Special Order) *Can restore to Gibson original parts at request
8. Wooden controls *Can restore to Gibson original parts at request
9. Custom wiring for single coil/ humbucker mode (push pull) this is done by Singapore's best guitar-tech

Read more: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-es-137-custom-electric-guitar
(this is just the base specs without the upgrades)

*All Original parts can be included at request.
*Includes all candies, COA & Hardcase
*Option to buy my very new MONO Vertigo Case along (I am a clean freak so everything is always wiped down before I keep it back) +$250
*Selling to fund my business. Very reluctant sale, please buy her before I regret my decision!

!!Price is non negotiable.
This guitar is out of production, shipped in from USA as a custom order (waited almost a year). With its upgrades and non-tarnishing modifications which cost a ton!
-Testing can be arranged for serious buyers (Choice of Amp heads: Orange Thunderverb 200, Marshall TSL60, H&K MKI Triamp, Miyuki Clone Fender Twin
*NOT KEEN on trades or silly offers, will block.

*COD or Ibanking on the spot

Please WhatsApp directly to 81120792 if interested. This thread will not be monitored.