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is ther any diff. between maple n rosewood fretboards apart from colour n maintenance?

will colouring the fretboard affect anything?i saw some dean guitars at music theme yesterdae of which fretboards r of the same colour as the body(e.g. green,yellow,purple)...
maple is harder i dont really like it as compared to rosewood. but i like the look of a maple on a strat hehe
How much the fretboard affects tone is subjective, some hear it better... so yeah, Madwerewolf, do note that. ;)

I feel maple fretboards add more snap to the sound and it gives a more edgy kind of upped presence to the notes....

Rosewood sounds more smooth but less snap, your standard kind of rock tone IMO.
well .. rosewood.. is more robust ( best word i can find )

maple is more spanky. cleans are brighter have abit of a sparkle.
rosewood to my earrs has abit more mids and more bass.

my personaly favourite is maple.

maple bodied guitars sound gd as well... esp with distortion.
very very tight.
Painting shouldnt have much effect on the tone at all. Unless its really really thick or its some epoxy thingy (which is a clear coat i think, not paint).
but is it alright to paint on rosewood tho? because its been widely known for its porous, oily properties, shouldnt it be prepared in some way before painting?
bin4christ said:
will painting the fretboard affect anything?

for god's sake ...DONT paint yr fret board.... get a neck roswood or maple neck...

BETTER my copy strat - it's super modded & going only for $250 - see my ad in soft classified & luthers.... haha..

no lah..i'm not paiting m fretboard...juz tt i saw some dean guitars with fretboards coloured...

btw,wen spray painting my cheapy acoustic,i accidentally let some paint onto the fretboard n i sprayed the whole fretboard in the end..WITH the frets :? ...
U mean dat "funky" green coloured dean at peninsula? hahah..

When you have a maple neck / fingerboard - U can usually stain it any kind of finish or colour - e.g vintage / amber / etc etc....some hardware shops carry these kind of cooued stains (e.g Burmerse teak / red / blue / green etc) mixed with laquer for ready spraying - these are meant for wood finishes...not one for the newbie luthier to try but can be done by more expirienced ones... I believe that Grean Dean is multiple coats of green coloured stain & laquer.. I hv done b4 (for customers) wt satisfactory results if patience is used & the job is done right.

remember that this will work only on certain necks like maple BUT NEVER try on porous woods like rosewood, ebony etc...

My 2 cents