female vox available here for acoustic jamming =]


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female vox and guitarist here available. Basically just wanna hang out and jam out to acoustic music. Looking for Male or female guitarist, preferably one who can sing and play with me as well.

do pm me! No pressure, just jamming.


very interested in performing with me.I have a band and we're playing simple acoustic set ups.I have a female vox frontlining but my visions expand from having the routine female frontman like paramore etc. Having 2 would be great. Can work on the harmony and it'll be loads of fun. Doing Taylor Swift and other covers(LAdy Gaga,Fergie and even male bands' songs which we transpose.Anything everything.. :) But we have originals or rather working on it. I'm looking forward to your reply. Its gonna be fun. Contact me at 92354340.