Female vox looking for band mates - Metalcore/deathcore


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Hey yaa! I’m 30 female vox here, a hijabi if y’all dont mind. Currently looking to start a new band fr a jamming sesh together, or jam with any metalcore/deathcore bands whose looking for a female vox (clean vocal) to fill in. I used to be in a band many years ago, i was their main vox/scream (i did fry screams, mid range growl, inhale screams and a little bit of false chords). Currently trying to scream again as it has been almost 10 years tho and inactive, gotta practice along the way. Performed for few gigs and shows. Left the scene for quite sometime and I would love to jam again just like the old days and this time to go pro, have a solid band to perform for future gigs.
Looking for:
Lead/rythm guitarist
Synth (if any)

If anyone is interested do leave me a msg! We can try to form and work this out. So looking forward!