experimental electronic musician here!


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hi all! my first time on soft so maybe its a little awkward but thats no matter.

i started my journey into experimental and idm last year and released 2 albums from it under the alias "deførmed". one of it is just dumb semi hardcore music and the other is more chill electronic. i have music videos for the first track of the two albums, please do check them out!:


i listen to quite a number of japanese video game music, they're pretty catchy. other than that, current jams include machine girl, aphex twin, batta, otoboke beaver.

on the side, i also have a band which plays japanese music (jpop and anime songs) but we're pretty amateur and kind of looking for a place to perform our stuff. if anyone knows any crowd or location which appreciates these kinds of music please let me know! or if you're interested in joining that'd be cool too! we currently only have drums, bass, guitar and makeshift vocals.

hope to have a good time here!