Emoticon story


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I am so bored, i decided to create a story using the emoticons provided by soft, i hope i don't get sued for this, haha. just so bored...

one day, a man went into a pub to get a drink, :drinkers: he sat down and lit up a cigarette :smt033 and leaned back to enjoy the band playing on stage. :smt035 :rock: :supz: soon after, he had too much to drink and he started to puke all over the bar counter, :smt078 the bartender got so mad :smt013 and he started chasing the man around with an axe :axe: the drunk guy started to beg for his life :prayer: but the bartender didn't show any sympathy and started knocking the guy out of his senses :smt075 soon a fierce struggle broke out :smt027 :smt065 people in the pub were terrified and fled the scene :smt103 :smt088 :smt091 the fight continued for about another 10 mins or so :smt021 until both were exhausted :smt095 :smt095 the drunk guy took this chance and planted an explosive on the bartender's head. the bartender said a quick prayer :smt091 and it was all over in a matter of seconds :smt073 - The End-

Ok you can start throwing eggs at me now. I am just so bored out of my mind, lol. Don't hate me for doing this, haha. Oh well.. :smt077
do they live happy ever after?
or is this story a trilogy?

hhahaha....just kidding....cool though
veri farni and quite creative of you...
at first, i expected it to be about the desktop icon wars, but turn out otherwise.
cool... :D
:smt066 Rambo walks into the house, saw a devil :snakeman: who was teasing him :butthead: , Rambo got angry and let off a few rounds :smt070 but missed :smt116 'missed me?' the devil asked... rambo was so mad he chaased the devil :smt071 :smt026 who soon led him into the toliet, rambo went in only to see a toliet bowl, which ate him alive... :toimonster: the --end--
Oh man last saturday i was like :drinkers: in a bar n then all of a sudden this hot :smt084 shows up n starts :smt098 me. I got so :smt076 tht i decided to :smt098 her back. We went into the toilet n started :smt057 . Oh man i felt so :smt082 tht i got to :smt065 her :butthead: tht i :smt066 n :smt068 her. Ofcourse i felt :( bt it makes me feel :mrgreen: too bcoz i :smt021 her for :smt098 with me. Then i washed myself up n felt :smt059 . All of a sudden this man shows up n starts :smt013 at me then i :smt066 again bt this time :smt067 him with double the firepower. Then i felt like :smt078 . I cried out for :smt100 bt no1 showed up. Man i was gg to :smt073 then POOF! Comes :smt114. He starts :smt075 me then i tried to :smt116 bt he managed to :smt117 me. I gave him the :smt104 n he gave me the :smt108 bt then i didnt care i just gave him the :smt118 n :axe: away. THE END