ElectroNics Drum Module Problem ( midi cables)


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Hey guys, if u had any problems with E- Drums Module like Alesis Dm5 for connecting Midi cables to computer.. can contact me thru SMS. 93808924 Japs or email me at japsurfer@yahoo.com

I got the solution...
Behind the alesis DM5 module had midi input and output....

So the trick it, do not connect ur midi cables input to input and output to output..

Swap it. Means Input to output and output to input. Thant should solve the problem..

then u can get signal from ur comp or your VST.

Regards Japs.
Ha..ha.. ya, this is a very common 'problem'. Usually OUT->IN. But some manufacturers label ports in the opposite way.

Which MIDI interface are you using?
im using midisports uno m-audio to connect to my alesis dm5 drum module to my IMAC. for use of the BFD2