SOLD E-drum with mesh heads

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Two acoustic drum sets converted into one E-drum with wire mesh pads.

There is some rust on metal parts.
E-drum set works with any drum module or Alesis trigger IO. Set feels close to real acoustic drum set with actual size and it is silent, bouncing mesh pads.

Set Includes:

Alesis Trigger IO with adapter power supply (for 4 pin fire wire cable only, with 6 pin fire wire cable power supply is not necessary)
Yamaha High Hat controller
Eleven 1/4 inch cables for connecting mesh pads with Trigger IO
One long and one short midi cables

Drum set with piezo sensor for each mesh pad:
1 Snare
1 Bass
1 High Hat
1 Ride
3 Toms
3 Crash or 2 crash + cow bell

Above configuration is flexible and can be changed

Software included into this purchase:

Toontrack Solo
Addictive Drums
Cubase 5.1

To run this set one needs computer with midi sound card and speaker. Software work on both Mac & PC


Contact 8377 0687
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Sweet dude.. I'm starting a similar project myself. Any brand recommendation for the piezoelectric sensors. I would like to add dual zone and cymbal choke as well.
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