SOLD Alesis Surge Electronic Drum Kit - Full Mesh

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Alesis Surge Electronic Drum Kit barely used in perfect spotless condition. Full mesh for quiet apartment playing.

Condition - 9.9/10
Price - 580$
Contact: 8798 6725

Bought from Swee Lee, and barely used. As good as brand new condition. Feel free to view and try. Original kit sells for 799.

Considered one of the best beginner kits and even used by more advanced players. The full mesh drums along with dual zones make for a great playing experience. Super sturdy.

Surge Drum Module
10" Dual-Zone Mesh Snare Pad
(3) 8" Dual-Zone Mesh Tom Pads
8" Mesh Kick Pad Tower
10" Hi-Hat Cymbal
10" Crash Cymbal with Choke
10" Ride Cymbal with Choke
Kick Pedal
Hi-Hat Pedal
Premium 4-post chrome rack
Cable Snake
Velcro Cable Wraps
Drum Key
Power Supply
Surge Module User Guide
Surge Mesh Kit Assembly Guide
Safety & Warranty Manual

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