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I'm selling Alesis Trigger I/O and Yamaha 502 Drum Trigger Module. Call me at 90624085.

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Featuring both USB-MIDI and traditional DIN MIDI connectivity, you can use the Trigger IO with a wide variety of gear. The inteface has ten TRS trigger inputs so you can use it with single or dual-zone pads and triggers, and even split the inputs with Y-cables for even larger custom setups. You can also use the Trigger IO to expand the pad inputs of virtually and drum module from any manufacturer.

The Trigger IO has a hi-hat control input that works with both continuous and switch-style hi-hat pedals so you can deliver all of the open-to-closed detail you're used to on the hi-hat. It also has a footswitch input for controlling other parameters like changing kits with your foot.

You can create up to 20 setups and store them in the Trigger IO's memory. Advanced customizable programming capabilities include sensitivity, MIDI-channel assignment, note number, crosstalk, velocity curve, threshold, retrigger time and pad type. The Trigger IO works plug-and-play with Mac and PC, and is powered by its USB connection when working with a computer. You can also wall-power it when working with non-USB MIDI sound sources.

You can mount the Trigger IO on virtually stand or rack using the optional E-Percussion Module Mount and integrate it cleanly into your drum set or percussion setup. The Trigger IO comes with EZdrummer software drum module from Toontrack. EZdrummer has samples of real drum kits, a virtual mixer, and looping functions.

The Trigger IO enables you to play virtually any MIDI software or hardware with your electronic drum kit.


Play virtually any software or hardware MIDI device with electronic drum triggers, pads, and cymbals
Ten TRS trigger inputs for use with single and dual-zone triggers
USB-MIDI and DIN MIDI Out for controlling software and hardware sound modules
Works as an input expander on virtually any drum module
Continuous Hi-Hat control pedal input; also works with switch/onoff pedals
Velocity sensitive for expressive control
Footswitch input for controlling Inc/Dec parameters
Create and store up to 20 setups
Works plug-and-play with Mac and PC - does not require software drivers
Powered by USB when working with a computer; AC adapter included for DIN MIDI operation
Mounts using E-Percussion Module Mount (sold separately) for integration into setups

Yamaha 502 Drum Trigger Module
Offers 691 voices including Yamaha acoustic sounds
50 preset drum kits from a wide span of genres
MusicSoft Downloader enables importing of custom sounds
Proprietary laser technology to analyze drum strokes
Updated practice functions with scoring
USB connectivity


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