Ed Roman Guitars. A wealth of info.


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I spent many hours reading up his website. This dude knows everything there is to know about guitars. His rants provide alot of interesting information, from ghost builders to fake guitars, from eBay scams to... well, EVERYTHING.

Hope this website proves as informative to you as it did to me.[/url]
Ahh.. Ed Roman.. Finally his name comes out in SOFT...
Read too many bad things abt Ed from the US based music/guitar forums to actually trust whatever he said. Too many I tell u.. From what I heard stepping into his mega guitar store in Vegas is just like walking to a guitar gallery museum... U can see but u cant touch... Once u touch, u'll be pestered to buy one and if u dont u'll be treated indifferently.. Plus he'll try to sell u his own whatever copy and telling it his is more superior than the real deal... Some common stories I've heard..
Plus I saw him modify a JPMM once and it was a sad sight.. Only gd thing abt it is that the parts that he took out(piezo bridge/electronics/pups) were up on ebay...
if u do read international forums. ull realised that no one likes ed roman and from stories told by those who actually visited him, he's is quite a dikhead.
Dunno, honestly. I thought this site was pretty good, at first. Now everbody tell me Ed Roman sucks. Why like daaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Read the rants, though. It's pretty interesting. :oops:
You should. Just for entertainment purposes, though. Best to not trust other content on the site anymore. I probably won't.
Ed Roman has what a reputation a friend of mine described as "unsavourable". He seems to attack other parties to attract the attention to himself claiming his creations/theorys are the right ones... :roll:
Praetorian said:
pooo said:

What are you talking about... ur the one who reccomended that site to me, pooo. =/

Sheesh did i? damn... i guess after a while i started hating the fella and his nonsense lol. quite some info but his attitude *thumbs down*