Drummers!!!....You've got to see this!!!

im not a drummer but yea.. hes cool... :lol: are those junior drumsets or wad.. looks small though.. and he looks cute!!

any way watched onli 1/3 of it.. i hate streamin.. im laggin :oops:
hmm...speaking of child prodigies, anyone seen clips of Tony Royston Jr? (not sure about his name)
I saw one when he was nine and already playing cheem jazz fusion stuff with great speed.
yeah tony royston, that kid is one hell of a drummer he beats drummers thrice his age easy, heard he's now stoped drumming to study in pursuit of becoming a doctor.. ah well..
so cute! and plays better than I can hope to play man. his parents must have been really supportive of him *or maybe they pushed him? haha*