Drum Lessons.


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Heya guys!

Im offering beginner drum lessons which will be held at fourtonesmusic. "Grains" studio. Covering drumming basics. Like rudiments, Application of rudiments on the drumset, independence, basic grooves.

Funk, Rock, Blues, Bossa and basic latin.

If you guys are intreasted or have any questions. Please reply to this thread. im looking for a group of students. price is negotiable!

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Frummer said:
i mayb interested man...

COOL!! The more the merrier.. this time u'll see dat i'm going to scream and shout bcos of the cockups and all that!! :lol:

No dbl pedals!! No dbl pedals!! Must not play dbl pedals!!
Yeap, sure thing shread! bring the practise pads! i have studio time at four tones every saturday! Can somebody be the contact point so i can collate how many people are comming? Vio? Shread?
Yo guys, ok studio time is from 5 to 7 tommorow. if you guys wanna come down and check out what i have to offer please do. If you guys got practise pads and such.. do bring them down.. cheers dudes, see you guys tommorow. Shread and vio call me aight.
hmmm *bump*

if im not wrong there are 2 more vacancies for this group...

any1 wanna join contact shred5 or pulse!
yo guys, currently in the group.

vio, frummer, shread,

anybody else wanna join this group?

vio, shread and frummer. i hope you guys found the sharing session yesterday useful! thanks for comming down!

it was an honour man :prayer:


PS: paradidle-didle has the same hand strokes as 6th strokes...rite?hahaha....
*drummers grunt*


*fervently goes back to my double strokes* :evil:
hello guys, glad that you enjoyed the sharing session. Vio can you please confirm with me how many people are comming on saturday dude?
Whats the charges and how long is each session? Time usually at?

Pardon me for asking so much, just might be interested if these three goes well for me. thanks
On behalf of Syed (pulse_ironica), :) who is enjoying his holiday in KL,

I will try my very best to answer Ur question. Although if U have any doubt, pls feel free to ask again.

Lessons are usually conducted on Saturdays. Time: depends on the studio booking. Normally its either 3 to 5pm or 5 to 7pm

For the fees:

If U want to have an individual lesson with him, its $40 per hour

I would recommend attending the group lesson as its $50 per hour at least with a maximum of 5 students per group.

Joining the group lesson is cheaper cos if there're 5 ppl, u'll pay only $10 for the session.

If there's 4 ppl, its $12.50 per person and so on..

The more ppl there is, the cheaper it will get.. :wink:

Hope that I've cleared ur doubts.
blurred said:
woooo! 40 is quite abit for indi lessons man, is he a gd teacher?

theres no way to answer this actually.

to me imho, he is great!

but to your perspective, it may be different. Best is for you to try out. Haha...gd luck :D
hello guys!

Im back in singapore! ok hrmm lemme see, frummer, vio and shread. your next session will be this saturday 5 - 7 dudes.. studio is booked already.. see you guys then!