DI box


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Hi...I am new to this... I played an acoustic guitar once for a competition and the sound man told me to plug it in to a DI box...and from then on I noticed that most acoustics are plugged into a DI during performance...then lately my friend bought it for recording his electric...so was wondering wat does a DI box really do?
I think it amplifies your guitar signal to line level to be fed into a mixer board. How exactly does it work, I don't know. Maybe some kinda preamp and a unbalanced to balanced converter circuit I guess.
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Basically it amplifies the guitar signal, which is too small for the mixer to accept. It gives you a very clean, naked tone for recording electric. Almost too clean sounding. You need to have amp modelling software ( Amplitube, Guitar Rig) to "model" the sound to make it sound like a amplifier, coz guitar amps are speakers which have restricted tonal range. (hence you get the distorted sound when u up the gain)

Called a Direct Insertion/Injection Box, it converts the unbalanced signal of the 1/4 inch cable into a balanced signal to be sent to the console.