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Does anybody know how much a dd-3 or dd-5 is at swee lee? or do you guys recommend otehr delay pedals? I cn't check right now cause im out of the city.
Ibanez DE-7 @ abt $180 list at Swee Lee... After discount, abt $120 methinks.

Very affordable delay/echo pedal with exceptional quality echo.
I second Shredcow, It has a very warm sounding tape-type echo sound. Very ear pleasing. Personally, I prefer it to the boss dd-x models, its more affordable and gets the job done. Also, I heard from a reliable source that the higher the dd-series (dd-5 , dd-6 ) the more digital sounding they become.
dd6 is list for $350 at swee lee..and there should be a 40% discount for boss pedals. which will cost $210 after discount.
DD3 is about 180+ after discount in sweelee or u can get it from davis which sells it a 180+ as well...or get it second hand...i got my second hand..boss pedals can last quite a bit..
DD series - Get second hand. They pop up quite often on Luther.
EH Deluxe Memory Man - Think Mrmisse and Music Plaza stocks some.
Line 6 EP - Initial batches had some serious white noise problem. Not sure about current batches now.
Ibanez AD - Should be quite expensive just like all those Maxon analog stuff.
i know the dd5 is no longer in production. try to get it 2nd hand. i feel it is better than the new dd6 coz u can do the tap tempo thing on the fly, but u need to get a separate tap pedal for that. the dd6 has got that tap option too, but u need to depress the pedal for 2sec before activating the function. its a bit difficult to do when u r playing live. digitech & ibanez pedal hav got nice analog and tape delay sounds, but same reason, when u play live with a band, it tends to sound muddy. or fork out cash and get the boss dd20!
Vaiyen said:
that's what I want to know too. And the chorus on it as well.

the chorus is definitely awesome. I've seen someone played with it. smooth and heavenly
Also remember, its best to try out the pedals personally, as "One man's chorus is another man's noise".