Customizing a Strat


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Hey guys,

I am thinking of changing pick ups and pick up guard on my MIK Cort Strat copy.

The original pick up configuration is H-S-S with 2 tone controls and 1 volume control. There's also a small switch to change the humbucker to single coil mode as well.

I'd like to change the configuration to H-H with Seymour Duncan JBs. Is it possible to do that?

Pls provide me your opinions.

Remove your pickguard and look at the neck pickup route on the body. If the hole is big enough to accomodate a humbucker, then its good to go : )

If u wanna get a HH pickguard, get an import one since urs is MIK.. not the US ones like Allparts etc...probably wont fit. But its best to bring ur body to a shop to test fit the pickguards..
And if the pickup route is a standard strat's, then you can route a new pickup cavity for a humbucker. But the only downside is that you may have trouble finding a H-H pickguard.
I agree with ashes307..HH pickguards are hard to find here. I got mine from Ebay back then or u could find a shop who can make one for u..
oh so it's possible to change configuration but the problem is in finding a suitable pickguard. hmmm thanks for your suggestions.

any shops that u'd like to recommend to look for the pickguards?
TS: you'll have to confirm your pickup routing on the guitar as well. some guitars are routed as HSS so a HH config will not be possible unless some wood work is done. HH pickguards can be bought off ebay or you can order it from
why not saving all the trouble by having a single coil sized humbucker pickup on the neck?then wire it as H-H(deactivate the mid)