Squier Strat (Modded) 50th Anniversary 3TSB


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Squier Strat 50th Anniversary guitar for sale. This Anniversary guitar was manufactured in the Yako Factory, Taiwan in 1996. Unlike modern day Squiers (Bullet, Affinity, Standard, Vin. Modified, Classic Vibe etc.) which are thinner, this Squier is has a full 1-3/4" thick body and a full 42mm width neck at the nut. 3-tone sunburst.

FOR PHOTOS AND CONTACT ME VIA: tinyurl.com/strat4sale :)

Understanding the limitations of the electronics on a Squire, I have done a full overhaul on the electronics from pickups, pots, wiring, and copper shielding. Details are found below.

- Fretboard has been treated with lemon oil
- Minor cosmetic dings and scratches expected of a 24yo strat
- Tusq string trees installed
- Wilkinson Lic White ST Strat Vintage Voice Single Coil P-ups, the best affordable pickups found on Amazon. Check it to believe it!
- Copper shielding applied to pick guard and cavities for reduced hum
- Deluxe TAOT Fender Strat Wiring Kit - .022 Orange Drop Cap. Includes x1 CTS 250k Volume Pot, x2 CTS 250k Tone Plots, x1 5-way switch, x1 Orange Drop .022uf Capacitor
- You will not be able to insert a whammy bar as the threads to screw it in has been worn off. Hence, it's practically a hardtail strat!

As you can see, lots of love and care has gone into this strat. Unlike a lot of the beaten and ignored affinity and bullet strats out there. I've placed a lot of money into ensuring a new lease of life in this strat. I believe the price of $350 is an absolute steal. Hence, it is non-negotiable.