Confused about hot to do home recordings


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Hi all,

seeks advice to help me do some simple but reasonably nice recordings at home.. came online and read about many articles about home recordings,
what i'm using,
1. Electric Guitar w/ amp
2. cheap computer microphone OR connecting "Headphones" frm amp to "Mic" using cable
3. Sound Blaster Live
4. Sonar from Cakewalk

have tried the following:
1. put a mic in front of the amp
result -> not nice, sounds distorted, cant hear strumming properly.
2. direct connection from amp to soundcard
result -> slightly better but still not nice, had to turn down the vol. on amp to a very very low level so that there won't be clipping/distortion, switch off the 'microphone +20dB boost'. Recording becomes barely acceptable this way.. but at the same time, barely audible, had to turn up the volume on my speakers to hear the recordings

there must be a better way out there to do this i think..
felt an impulse to buy 'guitar port / Fast track USB' whilst looking for solutions but on budget.. haha

pls. advise..~! Thanks~!
U dont have a multifx processor? If u had it'd b easier..dont use the amp to connect to the pc there wil b extra noise. So the setup wil b like this:

Guitar -> Fx -> Pc

Use a connector to link the big-headed cable to the small mic-size hole at the mic port of the sound card. The one tht has a big hole at the back n a thin tip in front, like those of earphones. Can get em frm any hardware store at ard $1++. And then check ur volume icon on the taskbar..enable playback frm mic. So u can hear n record at the same time frm ur pc.
Fantasy, just connect to your comp via amp line in.

Under your recording control, don't use microphone, use line in.

Under your volume control, lower your WAVE output, up your VOLUME CONTROL to max (or a level where you can hear yoru guitar well.)

Check with SONAR, and make sure your line in recording level is good enough.

Have fun.

Thanks for both your replies~!

What really solved my problem is the switch from MIC IN to LINE IN... thou i dun understand why is there such a significant difference but it still solved my probm..

thanks guys.. :lol:
Hahah gd to hear yer problem is solved. Btw SC i thot u use the guitar to fx to pc setup? Coz i think i rmmbr u talking abt it being a cleaner way. :smt017
Yup... I run without amp for recordings nowadays... but fantasy was using his amp... i assume he doesn't have an amp sim. :)
Re: Thanks~!

fantasy85 said:
What really solved my problem is the switch from MIC IN to LINE IN... thou i dun understand why is there such a significant difference but it still solved my probm..

line in carries a much higher voltage than mic in...datz y the need 4 DI boxes..
ohs.. sorry to trouble ya guys... but, now another problem.. which i believe is some problem with SONAR settings..

I can hear my guitar clearly over my computer speakers, BUT sonar's unable to pick up signals from LINE IN but is only able to pick up signals from MIC IN while recording...

i think i have to choose a different input in sonar, but the available options are only
-Creative EMU.. Process (Left, Right Stereo) All 3 i tried but still, only picks up from MIC IN.


Yeapz, i dun have anything else other than my amp.. haha =D no DI boxes/ FX pedals.. hehex, still a beginner.. :oops:
haha, think can solve my own problem lehx, its VOLUME SETTING... goto properties, select the source u want, EITHER LINE IN OR MIC.. LoL...
schred said:
U dont have a multifx processor? .

would it work if i connect it to a single effects pedal such as "ZOOM 504-II Acoustic Effect Pedal"

setup as such: Guitar -> ZOOM -> PC (Line in)

would it be cleaner than: Guitar -> Amp -> PC (line in) ?
hey, since we're on the topic of home recordings ...
anyone know of any software for drum loops ??

i used NGwave to record to pc
ie. guitar -> stompboxes -> IbanezPT3 (coz it has a stereo output) -> PC

Before i sold my zoom, drums werent an issue as i'd record the drums and bass together on a single track in NGwave...

den multi-track the solo's, riffs and fill-ins on Adobe Audition...
but ... i find the looping function in this program really irritating ...~

Prob now i face is ...
i sold my zoom .... so no more drum samples ....
recomendations anyone ?
i tried fruityloops ... but .. it seems more like a prog for techno beat creators ...~

Recommendations anyone ?? especially for preseted drum loops ~

Oh ya ... on another note ... if anyone wants any of the programs i've mentioned pm me .... i'll send it to you for free ... ~