Fender Pawn Shop Excelsior


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Selling my 2012 Pawn Shop Fender Excelsior Amp. SGD 500, incl US transformer.





Unique amp from the Pawn Shop series. 13W amp on 15inch speakers with 2x6V6 power tubes and 2x12AX7 preamp tubes provides a well-rounded tone. Suitable for amp collectors, players, or folks who are into Art Deco

Has inputs for guitars, mic, and harmonica with each own tonal qualities

Had it shipped from the states so probably the only one here in Singapore? I also include a step-down transformer as it is 110 US voltage.

I am selling this because I am not using it as much as I would like to and prefer using digital amps.

The condition is 9/10 and has a few minor chips on the surface. 100% working condition

Self-collection is only possible. I would love for people to test, but I don’t own the place I stay, and the landlord doesn’t allow visitors, but we can discuss if you wish to hear it and are keen to deal.

No trades, no lowballing. Looking into pay now/cash only. Thanks! Price is negotiable!

Not around SOFT much, Whatsapp me via 87507112