Chinese band looking for Bassist, Drummer & Female Vocalist.


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Hello everyone,

My name is Reeves and I am looking to form a Chinese band playing both covers and originals.

Currently, I have a guitarist who’s been working with me for years and we will would like to invite the following musicians to complete our line up. I will be the keyboardist of the band. We are in our early 30’s.

- Drummer
- Bassist
- Female Vocalist.

The direction of the band is mainly to create catchy tunes but enhance it with different arrangements. Think a popular Chinese song but arrange it with a cool solo, beautiful bass lines and awesome drum fill ins. The idea here is marketable songs.

The main genre of this band would be rock and ballads. Think songs like 黃金甲 & 哪裡都是你 for example.

The band will be looking to to play covers and write originals. The aim is also to do recording and live performance. We are also looking into the possibility of making some sort of income through the band. (Not a must or guaranteed but if the opportunities arises we will look into it.)

Another thing is, we are realistic musicians. We are not “dreaming” to be the next Aerosmith, Queen, X Japan etc. we merely love music, enjoys good music making session and with it, probably try to get some extra income through paid gigs (wedding or commercial) or recording.

If you are keen or have any questions, please feel free to text me at 96910540. Thanks for your time in reading this post and hope to hear from you guys soon!

- Reeves.
Hi Reeves,

I am a female vocalist currently looking to form/join a band. Had previously done 2 covers on YouTube and occasional Instagram covers.

I listen mostly to mandopop and leans more towards slow songs, but am opened to doing some fast songs in future, of course with some 改编 as well.

Do HMU if you are keen to form a band!

Latest YouTube Cover:
Hi, I’m a female vocalist and would love to try out for this!
I do have some experience in songwriting (if that helps).

I usually listen to Chinese ballads and maybe rock songs, such as songs from A-Lin, G.E.M and JJ Lin.

Hope that we can form a band together!