Bug Report


Hi James,

A few bugs I noted on this revamped site.

1. Login option did not disappear even after I logged in.

2. New posts in forum are not highlighted anymore. Can't tell if there are new posts or not.

Any other bugs others noticed?
Minor Bug.

Nice to be able to select themes. But only one theme (nukenews) has the SOFT logo. All others display PHP-Nuke Logo.
hellmurderer - where is the Login you see?

Cheez - i will disable the theme or else too many design consideration.

As for highlighting new entires into forum, this is OK within each forum section. But the home page (forum menu) isn't highlighted. So cannot tell which forum section has new additions.
Another bug. While the forum menu page highlighted all the latest posts, each specific forum section (ie kopitiam, OM etc) does not when you go into them.
hellmurderer, is it working for you now?

Cheez, it should be working now.
Hi, the jump to other forums link is not working properly. It says, module not active. To get to other forums, I have to go to the main forum page and click from there.

soft said:
hellmurderer, is it working for you now?

No... It's still not working. After I clicked the "forums" at the left hand side, it shows "No topics or posts met your search criteria" when I click on "view posts since last vist", although it shows there are new post on the subforums.