Best Vocalists! In Your Opinion!


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my take on the best 3 vocalists..
1) Sebastian Bach
2) Dave Matthews
3) Joe Lynn Turner

leave ur opinions! :wink:
Now that I come to think about it, Chester Bennington or whatever his name is, from Linkin Park, is a very versatile vocalist. He can do both the slower, "sensual" stuff, and his all out screaming is pretty impressive -> Crawling
Sebastian Bach ex vox of Skid Row is my pick........

n i wonder any1 noe which band he's in rite now?.......

yeah, seems like a foregone conclusion. Mr BAch.

Heres my top 3
Mark Boals
Bruce dickinson
Here r my current top 3 favs:

1) Sebastian Bach(everybody seems to like him :twisted: )
2) Mikael Akerfeldt
3) Kelly Clarkson

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
1) Sebastian Bach (everyone likes him!)
2) Rod Jackson(slash's snakepit 1999)
3) Bruce Dickinson